Product Suggestions to Improve Your Marketing Videos

We’re often asked for recommendations on products to improve the quality of our clients videos, so we thought it was about time we compiled those in one blog post. The products we’ll be sharing will be less than $100, which makes them affordable for all of our clients.

These are not affiliate links and we make no money from your purchase of these products.


For a professional lighting kit, like the Lowel Rifa that we’ve used in the past, you’re looking at around $1000, and when Karen Clark introduced me to a much more affordable kit, we were skeptical.  After shooting with Karen’s lights, I was impressed and picked up a kit for myself which cost me less than $80.  (Bulbs are sold separately, but you can pick the up cheap at Canadian Tire for less than $20.)

Here is a link to the lighting kit on Amazon:


There a several ways to improve your audio with an external microphone, and these are the three main ways.


I’m personally not a fan of seeing a lavaliere microphone clipped on someone, as it may come across as a little “Whiskers”… for those of you have been to our seminar. The sound quality is also not natural, more guttural.  So I use a mini-shotgun microphone that plugs right into your smartphone.  I’ve tested two, and the first was not a great experience and I returned it immediately.  (I should have read the reviews.)  I would personally stay away from the Rode VideoMic Me.  What I got after that was the Ampridge MightyMic S, and so far it’s been working out much better for me.

Here is a link on Amazon:

Wired Lavaliere

Sometimes a lavaliere microphone is the only way to go if you are in a really loud environment, and you need to get the microphone close to your mouth, or perhaps you just prefer the sound quality.This is a great and very affordable solution. I was very happy with a product, but it’s no longer available on Amazon, but this is the next best thing.

Here is a link on Amazon:

Wireless Lavaliere

For our personal trainers, or even those that or perhaps in a kitchen. anyone who has to move around a lot and are further away from camera, with the backs sometime turned to the camera, you’re going to need a wireless lavaliere.  Much like the lighting kit above, our Sennheiser Lavalier Mic goes for almost $900, but this affordable solution that Angela tested out was very impressive for the low price of $30!  (You will also need a $16 adapter.)

You can watch Angela’s review here:

Here is a link to the microphone on Amazon:

Here is a link to the adapter on Amazon:



We’ve used two types of mini smartphone tripods, and both go for less than $20.

The first one is nice, as its legs extend to give you a little more height.

Here is a link on Amazon:

The second is different, as you can’t extend the legs, but the can bend around things, like the back of a chair, or a hand railing.

Here is a link on Amazon:

Smartphone Mounts

If you already have a tripod, this is a great mount that I use for $13.

Here is a link on Amazon:

72″ Tri-Pods

If you plan on standing in your videos and need more height, your tri-pod should be at least 72 inches. There are plenty of these on Amazon, and here is just one, which we personally haven’t tested… as we have too many tri-pods as it is.

Here is a link on Amazon: