Are You Filming in Portrait Mode or Landscape? I Hands Down Choose Landscape and Here’s Why

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“Hey, it’s Angela here, and today I’m gonna talk about why I shoot in landscape. And, Scott actually did a video a while ago about choosing portrait or landscape, when to use each of them, and how to choose. And, I’m gonna post the link below so you can watch that video. But, today I’m gonna talk about why we choose to film everything in landscape. Which really comes down to exposure. So, all of our marketing videos are shot in landscape and posted to social media. But, the great thing about that is I also use it for our blog. So, it goes on our blog and it, visually, is just really appealing without the black bars. And, the other place it goes is YouTube. So, again, we post all of our videos on YouTube and it doesn’t have the black bars. So, it comes off as more professional looking if you’re a professional selling to other professionals then that’s how you wanna look. The third reason why I shoot in landscape, is because on social media, in the news feeds, and you probably know what I’m talking about, a lot of people are doing video now. They’re using video in many different ways. So, people’s thumbs are scrolling faster and faster past those videos. If you film in portrait mode, you’re gonna take the whole amount of real estate up on someones smartphone as they are thumbing through their feed. By filming in landscape, it gives you an opportunity to write a really catchy headline that will help people stop through that scroll and press the play button. So, I hope you found that information valuable and I wanna know if you’re filming in portrait mode, how that’s helping your videos become massively successful. Post below, I’d love to hear from you. And, until next time, we’ll see you later.