Avoid these common mistakes when filming… and keep your audience “feeling safe”!

[su_spacer]Let’s talk about framing. How should you be framed in a video? Well, I’ve seen a lot of bad framing and I wanna show you an example of that today and maybe talk a bit about why. The first thing I don’t want you to do is go really close up at any time.

In fact video is very similar to face to face and when you’re this close up in video where you can see up someone’s nose or through someone’s pores, you’re probably in the viewer’s personal space or in their bubble.

So, you wanna be further away and I bet that even made a big difference in your comfort level watching this video. The other thing with framing is even though some people are guilty of high angles because it looks more, I don’t know, flattering, the problem with high angles is I’m now putting the viewer in a position of power, right?

You’re looking down on me and if I’m trying to be the expert I don’t want you to be in a position of power necessarily. We need to be on an equal level. And same goes for low levels.

Now, if I’m a low level, maybe the camera is a bit low on my desk and I’m looking down at the lens at you. Now, I’m putting you beneath me, right? So what you always wanna do, is you always wanna be at eye level.

For us ladies, it can be just a smidge higher if you must but really keep it eye level. And the other thing you wanna avoid is like fancy angles. For example in the film industry, they use something what’s called a Dutch angle where they put the camera kinda slightly off-center like this and it’s to cause discomfort in the viewer and question what’s about to come up, maybe even a bit of fear.

And do you really wanna do that with your viewers? Do you wanna cause discomfort and fear when you’re speaking to them? So the best way to frame is this. You wanna be nice and centered and just bear with me a moment while I set my camera up.

Right, so here we are. I’ve used my tripod, I’m centered in frame, I’m far enough away that we feel comfortable, there’s a space between us, but I’m not so far that there’s a lot of empty space around me.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed I’ve given myself like a really little haircut sometimes when I talk. That’s fine, that’s okay. But just don’t have too much room above your head.

Otherwise I’ve seen it people are sitting at their desks and there’s way too much room above your head. So centered to the frame, nice and high up to the top of your frame. You could go a little closer.

Some people film like this and that’s fine too. Again avoid the really close up and avoid really strange angles.

If you still have obstacles that are preventing you from doing video marketing, comment below, let me know what your obstacle is and we’ll work through it together.