Charismatic or Creepy??? This one element you probably haven’t considered for your DIY video.

Let’s talk about lighting for a minute and I don’t wanna get into some of the complicated or expensive or artificial lighting you can get. I wanna talk about the most economical, easiest way to light your videos when you’re filming with your smart phone and that is using the natural light coming through your window.

So a couple tips when it comes to natural light coming through your window. Get out of the direct sun and just use that light that’s coming in to keep the light on your face. Don’t shoot into the light with the light behind you.

It’s gonna cause a terrible glare and it actually will shadow your face and people won’t trust you if they can’t see your face. And one last quick tip, turn your overhead light off when that light’s spilling in from the window because the overhead light is going to mess with the natural light.

I’m not gonna get into details but it will mess with that natural light and may cause some weird shadows.

If you still have obstacles that are preventing you from doing video marketing comment below, let me know what your obstacle is and we’ll work through it together.