Do you feel like you’re running your small business in crisis mode and your video marketing has fallen by the wayside so far this year?


Angela and Scott were live on their Video Power Up Facebook Page, where they shared their perspective.


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Angela: Good morning. Good morning, everyone who is joining us live, welcome. I know we had another feed going live; we’re actually doing some testing, so it might take a few people to come into this feed and realize the other feed was disconnected or interrupted or deleted.

But here we are today, and we’re talking about overwhelm, which is a good fit for us today, because as we’re testing new things, and things work and don’t work, it can become a bit overwhelming, and … Right?

Scott: Yes, absolutely. You always throw me off. Is it overwhelm, is that what we’re doing today?

Angela: Well, that’s part of it, I think.

Scott: Yeah. No, yeah … Ang and I were talking last night about, you know, you get into the New year, and you have all these plans, and you set these goals for yourself, and I know everyone’s doing videos about goal-setting and New Year’s resolutions, and, I mean, especially for entrepreneurs, obviously it’s on our minds.

You know, we all set goals, and some of us have already had a hard time holding to some of those goals so far this year, but what we talked about this morning is you know, how does that relate to … We want to talk specifically about video marketing.

But quite often, you know, what we don’t do as small business owners is that, we get so busy, and you know, “I’ve got to do this. Oh, I’ve got to respond to all these emails and I’ve got to return that person’s voice mail. And I told this person I’d speak to them.”

What we end up not doing is, we end up not working on our businesses. And I mean, we hear that all the time … I still think it’s a great book. It escapes me right now. The ‘E-Myth’. I think the ‘E-Myth’ is a great book. Highly recommended for small businesses, but, we really need to be working on our businesses.

And I think where most small businesses fail, in growing their businesses and where I think most small businesses will fail this year in growing their businesses, is by not doing marketing because they’re always putting off their marketing because they’re so busy doing something else.

Angela: And because it’s overwhelming. There’s so much as small businesses we need to know.

Scott: Absolutely.

Angela: And social media has just thrown a whole other … I mean, I’ve been in business for a long time. I mean, my first business …

Well, my first business I was a child, but my first business as an adult, right, you just needed to know how to connect with people. How to do networking events. How to spend your marketing dollars on things like, TV, radio, newspapers.

Right? Really. And the people worked there told you how to do that, you just needed to have the money to do it. But marketing has changed so much, so I think one of the reasons we … And I don’t like to use the word fail, but, we put marketing off. We put working on our business off, is because it’s so overwhelming. So much.

Scott: Yeah. No, absolutely and yeah and getting overwhelmed, I mean, yeah, by all the different types of marketing. Different ways you can market. But, also the amount of information that’s being thrown at us.

I mean, you’re being given some information right now, in this live video, but there’s so much information being thrown at you. If you’re actively reading blogs online, if you’re following marketers on Twitter and Facebook and you’re reading the latest marketing book, there’s a lot of information.

And I’m not surprised that people melt down and one of our business coaches, something that he’d always talked about was you know, if you get confused, what happens when you get confused is you do nothing. And I think that’s what happens to a lot of us, is we try to take on too much perhaps and what ends up happening with our marketing is, there’s just a lot of confusion so instead, we do nothing.

But we certainly don’t want to look like we’re not busy, so we make ourselves busy. And we can easily … You know, you jump on Facebook and “Oh, I’m doing Facebook because my business is you know, online. It’s social media.”

Angela: Are you looking at me?

Scott: No. Everyone. I think everyone does it, I mean, I know I’m guilty, and I tend to be a fairly disciplined person and I go to Facebook for a very specific business reason. And as soon as I go on, it’s like, you know, my buddy who’s out west is just posted a picture and I’m like, “Oh cool.” And then you know, you go down that rabbit hole.

And sometimes it’s you know, five, ten, fifteen minutes before you realize … You actually … You can’t even remember why you got on Facebook in the first place. So, I don’t know what I was going to say. Now, I’m distracted. But it’s very, very easy nowadays to get distracted, so …

And that’s what we’re talking about. We’re talking about you know, trying to focus on getting your video marketing, but there is bigger thing here and I think it’s about just being more productive with your time.

Angela: Mm-hmm (affirmative) Anyone who’s connected to me personally, on my personal Facebook, I did a bit of a long post yesterday. I was feeling a bit … You know, even though we’re business partners, and we work together, I was just … I was feeling isolated.

I was feeling isolated, not maybe physically isolated, but as a business owner. I was feeling overwhelmed. I was feeling isolated. I was easily distracted. My to do list is getting there. I mean, it’s pretty big. It’s getting there and the realization of you know, not prioritizing what really needs to get done.

And you know, Scott and I say this, “You need to do marketing.” And video marketing, I mean, if you’re not doing video marketing next year … If you’re not doing it now, you’re already kind of falling behind. Your competitors might start doing it. They may not have started doing it.

You have the opportunity to be at the forefront. In your area, in your genre, in whatever, but in the next year or two if you’re not learning video marketing, you’re absolutely going to fall behind because 80% … They say more than 80% of content consumed on social media is going to be via video.

We’ll see. I mean, that’s what they say. You know, it’s certainly not what I say, but it’s what I’ve been reading.

Scott: Well, there’s definitely a lot of studies that are actually backing up that claim. I mean, people are consuming video at ridiculous rates. I mean, I don’t have the statistics right in front of me, but anyone who’s done any research on video marketing knows that, I mean, in the last few years it’s really just blown up.

Angela: Mm-hmm (affirmative) mm-hmm (affirmative)

Scott: Live videos and pre-recorded videos. Yeah. It’s amazing.

Angela: Yeah. And I guess my point is, you know, in our business I think there is an urgency to take care of what’s in front of us. Right? Things like sales. If we don’t do sales, if we don’t take care of our clients that we have, and we don’t do sales, right, we’re not going to bring in the money to pay for our bills, so sales always takes a priority.

And then what happens after you make the sale, is you need to deliver, so now you’ve got your delivery. Whether it’s a product you need to order, supply, deliver, whether it’s a service you need to deliver. Now, you need to do that. Right?

And so, I think it’s hard to prioritize the marketing but then what happens if we don’t prioritize marketing, somewhere … I’m not saying it has to be the very top. It should be up there, but I’m not saying it has to be the very top.

But, if we don’t prioritize it, the sales stop and then you have no one to take care of. No orders to fulfill. No service to do and you’re dead broke wondering, you know, why. You spent all that time servicing your clients and being a good business person. Now, the sales have stopped.

Why? It’s because you didn’t keep up with the marketing in a steady, consistent way. And so, how can we help you? How can we help you with your video marketing because we’ve talked about the problems. We’ve talked about the problems. What are some of the solutions?

Scott: Well, I think, I mean, again, video marketing in itself, I mean, there’s lots of different types of video. Different types of marketing. I think what we’re talking more about is the consistent video marketing that you should be doing, so people are seeing you regularly and getting to like, know and trust you.

We talk about that a lot. You know, people start building that relationship with you. So, these are the consistent marketing videos you should be doing. And they’re typically … You’ve got two choices.
One is to do Facebook live videos or Twitter live videos, like we’re doing right here. You can even do YouTube live videos now, so that’s definitely one type of consistent video marketing that we believe small business owners should be doing.
The other type is, expert videos or short two minute expert videos and that’s to get new people in the top of your sales funnel, so that’s the type of videos we’re talking about. There is other videos that are important. I’m not going to go into them right now, but so, how do you keep consistent with your video marketing?
With Ang and I, I mean we’re … You know, there’s something Ang … There was a song that you came across the other day about you know … Everyone …

Angela: Tessa shared it.

Scott: Yeah. It was Tessa. What was the quote?

Angela: You’re comparing everyone’s highlight reel to your backstage. Was it?

Scott: Behind the scenes.

Angela: Behind the scenes. Thank you. Comparing everyone else’s highlight reel to your behind the scenes.

Scott: Yeah. And so, I think there’s a lot of people that look at the video marketing that Ang and I are doing, and they’re like, “Wow. You know, Scott and Angela are on top of it.”

We’re not. We’re doing the best that we can, but one thing we did do with our video marketing and with our Facebook live, is we committed. And we said, “You know what, we’re going to go live Tuesday at 10 am as often as we can.”

Now, sometimes there’s a vacation, or you know, there’s been a time that we tried and we didn’t have a connection I believe, and so, I think we’ve only missed maybe two or three in the last, I don’t even know how long. Maybe …

Angela: Almost a year.

Scott: Has it been …

Angela: Almost.

Scott: Almost a year.

Angela: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Scott: So, we committed to that and we do it, so sometimes we get up in the morning, we’re like, “Oh my god. We don’t know what we’re going to do our video on.” We, you know, think back to our target audience.

What are some things that they’re talking about? How can we help them? And we end up doing something and some videos are better than others. Like, last week was a really popular video because everyone was talking about the changes with the Facebook analytics.

Angela: Yeah.

Scott: Facebook algorithms.

Angela: Algorithm.

Scott: And that was a very popular video. Now, with our pre recorded videos, we stopped doing those. We talk about doing your pre recorded videos or your two minute expert videos in seasons, so you do a certain amount of episodes. That’s your season. And then in between you take a break, called a hiatus.

That’s what they call it in the television industry. It’s taking a hiatus between seasons, which is a great way to sort of slow down, refresh, sort of reframe your marketing, make sure you’re on track, as opposed to just like, constantly putting out stuff.

Angela: Analyze. Right? Analyze which videos worked, so you can do more of those types of videos. I know that’s really important too.

Scott: Yeah. No, it’s really important to look at those analytics. Yeah. And so, we’ve been on hiatus for quite a while now with our short recorded videos and I know you wanted to talk a bit about this.

I mean, it’s an interesting time of year, Christmas time because you know, everyone kind of winds down a bit, so, we stopped recording videos. We had a new workshop series coming up, so we had to kind of …

We stopped our pre recorded videos and we called it a hiatus and so then we just focused on the workshop and making sure the workshop was great. And then it was Christmas time. And then we had to go down south. Poor us.

We had to go down south to videotape a wedding, which is beautiful. And then we got back and then this is where we’ve been dealing in crisis since we gotten back, so we have not started our video marketing or pre recorded video marketing again.

But that is definitely something we needed to get on as well, which is probably one of the reasons we’re doing this video, is to maybe help inspire ourselves to get back on our short video marketing because we definitely see an impact when we’re doing those videos.

We see the engagement. And we see the engagement with new people that we’re not really, you know, we’re not familiar with. Someone new watches the video and then they follow our page or subscribe to following us online.

So, I don’t know what your thoughts are on that? You had said something about Christmas time and you know, we’ve just been sort of hit with a series of things, you and I. Our business. And I know this happens to other small businesses.

Angela: I know. I’ve had a conversation where, you know, pre Christmas you’re working your butt off getting ready for Christmas. And then at Christmas time you’re so busy because you’re still working or maybe you’ve taken some time off but you’ve got huge family commitments and then New Year’s and then you get back into things and it’s kind of how you started this.

You were so busy being busy, you forgot what your focus was and even if you made big plans for New Year’s and then you don’t fulfill them right away, right? You kind of, fall off a cliff is the wrong way to put it, but you make these big plans, like we all do for New Year’s.

Whether it’s a resolution or whether it was just your plan for 2018 and it hadn’t gone anywhere yet and you feel like now, maybe you failed a little bit. And you haven’t, you still have the rest of the year. You know, you just need to take a deep breath and jump in.

And I’m going to talk about video marketing, but with any of your marketing or with any of your plans, if it gets scheduled, it’s more likely to get done, so, I want to talk about solutions. I want you to schedule. I want you to schedule time for that next big marketing thing.

If it’s training, okay, that’s great. I think training should almost be it’s own thing. Schedule some training time and then schedule implementation time. Maybe it’s two 1-hour blocks a week. Maybe it’s two half hour blocks a week.

Start in a place where you can feel success because if you can just take small steps forward and feel like you’ve had some success, you’re going to have more success instead of feeling like you’re always failing. With your video marketing …]

Scott: Sorry. Excuse me.

Angela: It’s okay. I think he’s going to sneeze. With your video marketing what I want you to do is, the first step. The first step in your video marketing is deciding what you want to talk about, so with video marketing pre recorded videos or live videos, pick one, so if it’s pre recorded videos, it’s going to be a two minute video.

You’re going to keep it to two minutes. Think about three subjects that can help your audience. Not three ways you can tell people how great you are, how great your business is, how great your product is, necessarily.

Those are sales videos. We’re talking about marketing videos that get yourself out there as an expert. Pick three subjects and just start writing about them. And once you write about them, you’ll edit each of those three … We’re going to call them scripts. Then start practicing them.

And again, I want you to block time off for that. Once you’re done practicing and you know the material because I don’t want you to read your script, film them … So three. I want you guys to do three videos.

And we’re going to commit to do the same, so, in the next three weeks, I want you guys to commit a little bit of time to think about what you can do. What information you can share to help someone else. To help your audience.

And I want you to post that on Facebook and tag us in it so we know. And we’re going to do the same, so over the next three weeks we’re going to schedule. We’re going to film and we’re going to post some new marketing ideas.

Scott: We are?

Angela: Yeah. You’re like, “Great. Thanks, Ang.”

Scott: You better block some time out in your schedule then.

Angela: I know. I will. So, good luck with that. Good luck with your marketing. If you have any questions about how to get started, because I know some people just it’s that first step forward that they really, really have a challenge with.

If you have some questions, post it here. We can address them in next week’s live or maybe it can be the subject of one of my two minute marketing videos. So, is that it for us?

Scott: I think so. Yeah.

Angela: Awesome. Thank you so much for joining. Have a great 2018. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Baby step forward and we’ll see you guys next week.

Scott: Okay. Have a great week.

Angela: Take care.