Dropping too many UMMS and AHHS in your marketing videos?

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“Hey, Scott here with another tip on producing marketing videos with your smartphone. And in today’s video, we’re gonna talk about how you could lose some of the um’s and ah’s that you might be dropping in your video when you’re recording them. Now I’ve got a few tips for you today and all of these have really helped me over the past year while I’ve been producing my own marketing videos. The first is, write it down. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and just write down some notes on what you’re actually going to talk about. This will help keep you on track. I’m not talking about holding those notes up so you can look at them when you’re doing your video, just the process of writing those notes down will help keep you on track. The second is to rehearse. Rehearse your script. Once you’ve got your idea, rehearse it in your head then maybe walk around and speak it out loud. This also will help keep you on track. Third, you’ve got multiple takes if you’re doing pre-recorded. So if you have a lot of um’s and ah’s in your video that’s okay, just hit stop, go back to the beginning and do another take. Now if it’s a live video, unfortunately, you’re just gonna have to live with the um’s and ah’s and just work on removing them as you do more and more live videos. Lastly, the one thing I want to leave you with is sometimes you’re gonna get very frustrated ’cause you just can’t get a video done without the um’s and ah’s. All you really need is a break. Just walk away from the camera. Do it tomorrow or the next day of just grab a coffee, later in the afternoon, something. Just give yourself a break so you’re not frustrated. Anyway, I hope some of those tips help you losing some of the um’s and ah’s in your video. If you have any questions at all about smartphone video marketing, just comment in the box below and I’ll answer it in one of my next videos. Thanks so much for tuning in and we’ll catch you next time.