Fear… Let’s Kick It To The Curb


Angela and Sara Louise Clarke were live on the Video Power Up Facebook Page, where they shared their perspective.

Angela: Hello. Hey, everyone. Welcome to Video Power Up Live today. As you’ll see, or it appears that, I’m on my own without Scott. But trust me, Scott is here. He’s actually on the other side of the camera today helping me with some technical things. I’m so excited because I have Sara Clarke here with me. For those of you who don’t know her, she is with Mompreneurs. She is an entrepreneur herself. She is amazing. She’s here today because the topic we are talking about is actually quite close to her heart. She understands, and she has a lot of really good advice that I know if she shares, will help you guys as well.

So I’m going to tell you a bit about what we’re going to be talking about in about the next 22 to 25 minutes if you guys can hang on that long. So what we want to talk about is the three biggest obstacles that are keeping most people from doing a video. The first one is what to say. The second one is how to say it. The third one is your fears, all of those things that are holding you back from actually doing a video and putting it out there.

But before we start that, I want to talk about the journey that your potential clients are on. And I want to talk about the difference between prerecorded and Facebook Live. So I’m just going to take a second, is anyone on with me? I’ve got like three computers around me, so bear with me a second here. Bear with me. And of course, it’s a few seconds behind from when I’m actually doing this. So if you’re here, I want you to say hello. Plans to go live is so cool. Kate is here. Paula is here. Jennifer is working, but she’s going to catch the replay, so that’s awesome. And Paula, to answer your question really quickly, I use a third party app called BeLive.tv, and not only does it allow me to schedule my lives and tell people I’m going to be live, when I share like I did now, like I did actually last night and this morning in different groups, the live actually starts playing in those groups as a live. So we can talk about that another time.

Welcome, everyone. So Valerie-

Crew: There’s some lag. Are you getting something? It doesn’t seem like it.

Angela: Yeah, Valerie. I wonder … I’m getting some lag here. You guys seeing the video lag that I’m seeing, that I’m kind of in slow motion? If you’re seeing that, tell me, so I know. It’s super annoying. And that might be the screen share. Sara, are you seeing the lag? If you could nod because I know I can see you. Are you seeing a lag? It’s really bad. How’s the, but the audio is okay? The audio is good, but there’s a video lag. Is it better now? Okay. I’m not sure. I feel like it’s part of the screen sharing. Sorry, guys. Sorry about that lag. We’re going to see if we can figure that out, but I really want you to hang on because today is super important.

Okay, I’m going to try the share screen with you if Scott … I need my tekkie guy. And this screen talks about … This screen is going to help me, and you’re actually going to see the behind the scenes of BeLive.tv for like one second. So your audience has a journey, and this is why I talk about prerecorded videos versus live videos. Their journey is they’re consuming your free content online. Then they become fans, and they follow you. This is also the process of them getting to like, know, and trust you. Then they become on your list. They start actually asking about what you do, and they want to engage with you on kind of a deeper level. And then they’re paying clients.

So, how this translates to me in the video world is your prerecorded two minute videos are little tidbits of information that are going to help them in their life. It’s absolutely free. There is no commitment for people to get this information. You can boost it so new people get to know you. You can also, then, further boost it to people who have watched your other two minute videos so they’re being served these videos. Then once they become fans, and like your page, and start to get to know you, they’re going to start watching your lives. So I think this is a really important component for you to use.

Now, boosting can only be done on your business page. It can’t be done on your personal page. So if you’re doing all your videos personally, you don’t have that capability to re-target, and boost, and all of those things, which is why I always say do it on your business page and then share it to your personal page. Then once people are on your list, then you’re telling them more about what you do, and sharing your sales videos, giving your testimonial videos out there. Then once they’re paying clients, you can do new client orientations, you can do Zoom meetings. There’s a plethora of ways to use video once they become clients. So I just wanted to review that quickly. Does that make sense to everyone? Do you like that analogy? Do you like that kind of journey that people go through, and do you understand that? Just give me a thumbs up or a yeah.

Now, I actually want to bring Sara in. And she is on her way. I want to talk about what really is holding us back. You know what? I’m not going to swear, but I do want to call B.S. on a couple of things. Sara, I hope you can, maybe you’ll agree, maybe you’ll disagree, I’m not sure. But I feel like people are like oh, well everyone is doing videos, so I’m not going to do video. Or I’m going to wait, I’m going to wait until I lose 20 pounds. And I’m calling B.S. on all of it. Do you agree, Sara?

Sara: Uh, yeah. I don’t see anybody doing video. Seriously? Like hi, everybody. Sorry I just forget people watch, and I just want to have a conversation with you. But yeah, honestly, I feel like, I’m like why aren’t people doing video? Like I feel like, honestly, sometimes, I’m the only person. Then I feel like there’s too much of me, and not enough of everybody else. Like, people aren’t … And we actually had a conversation. You posted it in the Mompreneur group, and that’s how this whole what we’re doing right now has transpired because I messaged you, and I went you’re ask and give was amazing. I just want to give in, like give to you and say like I think women are scared to do video because they’re not the persona they put out.

That was my number one to you is like, the person we are on our business card, like we said, we spent all this … I can let you all in on our conversation Ang and I had through Messenger last week. But we spend all this time, and all this money getting the most amazing photo shoots, and get these stellar branded business cards, and this and that, and then the person we live day to day isn’t the same person that’s on our branding. I think that is one major stumble. I know I’ve had it in the past. There’s times like oh, right now I have such great thoughts. This could be a good video. Oh, my hair and makeup aren’t done, forget it. I’ve kind of said to myself get over it. Like, either look as you do on your cards, or just get over the fact that, that’s me on a business card. That’s not me every single day.

So I don’t know. I think there’s fear of what people are going to think. I think there’s fear of judgment. I think there’s a fear that we don’t look like we do on our websites, or on this, or on that. To be honest, like, I don’t care. When I do videos, oh my gosh, hold on a second. I have a phone call coming in. We’ll just, sorry. When I do videos, I don’t care what people think. I actually love doing video because no one can talk back to you. That’s my thought. Like, so I don’t know…

Sara: I like video.

Angela: Yeah, I think, and you know what? It’s funny because I know that people have a fear of putting themselves out there. I always thought, up until we had that conversation, the forefront of my mind, and I want people to chime in here, the forefront of my mind is they’re afraid of being judged and criticized if they put themselves out there because what they say might be true for them, but it might not be true for someone else. Then they open themselves up to this argument, or someone telling them they’re stupid, or making them feel stupid, and getting that judgment. That’s what I thought it was.

Then I thought about why I was afraid of doing video. I talked about this at the Mompreneur Mastermind, the online Mompreneur Mastermind on Monday. I was, and it really wasn’t that … I mean, part of it was I was afraid that things I say may not add value to someone else, and it may seem stupid or trivial, right? That was absolutely true. But I was seeing the people who were doing video were like 21 year old, beautiful, blonde, beach babes, California type, you know? I’m 44. So as you age, it gets hard. It’s gets hard. You know, you compare yourself. You compare yourself to people who are wealthier, smarter, prettier, skinnier. Then you’re like well, I’d really like to be that person, and I’m not. So I’m just going to put it off, and make excuses. You know what? I’d be like no, I’m a behind the camera person.

It wasn’t until I got in front of the camera that actually, my purpose in my business was revealed. Like, my whole business changed when I got in front of the camera. So for me, it was a big moment. Even though some of the videos I put out are basic, are trivial, are not these big oh, if you learn this one thing, you’re going to be the best video marketer in the world. They’re not like that. They’re just little things to make it easier day by day. Sometimes, they get no traction. Sometimes, the ones I think are the most trivial, they’re like oh my gosh, I have problem. Thank you, thank you. It just takes one person to say thank you, and I feel like that video is worth it.

Sara: I agree. I feel like if what you are saying, or what you are sharing touches one person, then you’ve done your job. Like, yes, I want to be a ripple effect in this world. Yes, I’d love to touch as many people as possible. But one thing as female entrepreneurs we have to remember, not everybody is going to be a fan. Not everybody is going to like you. When you come to realization of that, then it doesn’t matter. Like, there’s people out there who can’t stand to listen to me. And I go okay, go listen to someone else. Like, I don’t care. I care about the people who want the information. I care about the people who want to hear what I have to say.

I 100% agree with you. I am so not a beach babe. Let me tell you, yeah, mom of four kids. I turned 38 on Monday, and I’ve gotten to a place, especially after last year, of well, what do I have to offer? Like, I struggle with that. I’m like what makes me the person who should be doing video? I have those questions. And if people follow me on my personal Facebook page, they’ll see. Like last night, I did a video. I just did it live. I just hung out in my office, and talked about whatever because I was lonely, right? But people needed that last night. Whatever it was we talked about, people needed that.

I still go through that. People say no way, not you, Sara. Absolutely. But what I’ve realized is, this year, I celebrate 20 years of being an entrepreneur. I had to come to the understanding I have value that people need that I don’t want to charge for. I think that’s where I love video so much because I can share my heart. I can share my knowledge. I can share the experiences that I have had, the mistakes and the failures I’ve gone through, so that the people watching don’t have to go down the same road. I can do it for free. That’s why I love video so much. It’s not like oh, you want to pick my brain? Okay, give me $1500. No. What’s your question? Let me just do a video, and we’ll talk about that.

So, that, for me, is the point where I come to realize I am smart. You’re smart, Ange. I watched the video this morning. I’m like oh, that’s what you meant by a video in the thing. Okay, I can do that. I had no idea. So, I think as female entrepreneurs, one, we don’t give ourselves enough credit to think that what would somebody want to learn from me? I think that’s like, everything. What is easy to you is difficult to me.

I’ll give you a really quick example. I have a friend of mine, and she meal preps like crazy. She plans out her entire month of meals for their family of five. They’re a crazy family of five. They’re busy. They’re going in five different directions sometimes. I was talking to her, and she’s like oh, I baked four dozen muffins today. I’m like well, I baked four dozen muffins, but mine are gone. She’s like what do you mean, they’re gone? I’m like my four boys ate them all. Like, swear to gosh, they each had a dozen muffins within probably five or six hours. She’s like Sara, why aren’t you individually freezing them? I go what do you mean? Like that was a poof. Like seriously? You can individually freeze muffins? Like how do you do that? And she laughed because she thought I was kidding. I’m not kidding. I may be good at this. Ange, you’re great at video. But maybe you don’t know how to individually freeze muffins. So I told her go do a video on individually freezing baked goods because I need to know how to do that.

So I think we have to remember is what is simple to you, those things like why would I share that? Like oh my gosh, everybody must know that. They don’t know it. They have no clue. No clue. So I think-

Angela: That’s true.

Sara: So I think as, again, men I’m sure go through the same thing. The difference between men and women, Scott can brush his hair and get on a camera. We feel like we have to do hair and makeup, and everything, right?

Angela: Yeah.

Sara: But I think if we remember what’s easy to me isn’t easy to you, and that’s what I’m going to share. Those are the things you’re passionate about. On your video, if you can get passionate about prepackaging or freezing individual muffins, and share that through passion, people are going to want to hear what you have to say. Just as you’re so passionate, Ange, about your video. I get immersed in your videos. Like it’s video, but I love it. I was oh, I can do videos that way. I’ve never thought about doing prerecorded two minute videos sharing something. Never thought of that in my entire life.

Angela: Yep, yep.

Sara: So share what you’re passionate about, and what comes easy and naturally to you.

Angela: Absolutely. So I think, do we still have some people on? Let’s see here. I, yeah, we do. We’ve got some live people, and I want to know what you do. So I just want you guys to randomly just tell us in one or two sentences what it is you do. Then Sara and I, and the rest of you, I want you to chime in and say okay, that’s what you do. This is what I would like to know about. This is what I don’t know about. This is what, because I think the other thing is we’re so immersed in our own business, we know so much, and we live it every day, that we think that it’s kind of like the minutia, right? Where, to someone else, like you said, like freezing muffins would make your muffins last longer so they’re not eating 24 of them at a time.

So Kate has got a comment here. She’s like, I totally agree. I always think what on earth am I going to talk about, and then just not making it a priority in her schedule. So Kate, why don’t you tell us what you do. And I know what she does, but I want her to say it in her own words so that we say the right thing. But I want everyone else to tell us what do you do, and maybe we can come up with a couple ideas for you to film some short two minute videos that you can put out into the world that will help get people to know, like, and trust you. Again, these aren’t videos … You’re not going to put it out there, and then everyone is going to be like I want to buy from that person. That’s not what these videos are about. They’re really just about relationships.

So Valerie encourages positive mindset in the workplace. So, that’s what she does. So Sara, do you have any ideas of what her two minute tidbits could be?

Sara: Hi, Valerie. I think, too, like positive mindset in the workplace … I have a couple questions because I feel like I need to know a little bit more just to go a certain way-

Angela: But that’s the video. In those questions, is the video ideas. Good to know.

Sara: Yeah, so that’s right. So I’m going to ask you questions. So Valerie, write this down because these are my questions. Workplace, is that like corporate? Is that me in my home? Like, I don’t know what workplace you’re talking about. I feel like that’s a niche. I know for me, as a female entrepreneur working from home in my workplace, mindset. How do I keep blinders on? How do I prevent myself from falling into the trap of I’m not good enough for my clients? How do I start my day in a way that I keep positive from the moment I wake up? Like, I need to know a bit more about what workplace you’re looking for. I can speak from mine, where I personally know my mindset comes from.

I would actually share videos on how to wake up with a positive mindset. I think, too, if that’s your niche, your niche might go left, it might go right. But if you just, I think, put a generic like here’s how to wake up positive two minute video, right? Maybe it’s stretching. Maybe it’s reading, journaling, whatever it works what your story is, what works for you. That’s what I’d like to know. How do I wake up positive and stay positive? What are tidbits I can do during the day that would make me stay positive? Like I could wake up and go, yay, I’m so happy. It’s a great day. And then you get to your desk, and you get an email that you go, bum, bum, bum, right? How do I get myself out of the … If I get into a funk, how do I get out of the funk? I think I just gave her like six ideas, I think.

Angela: Yeah. I’ve got a couple, too. So, if it’s in the corporate workspace, because she says she does it all. In the corporate workspace, think about some problems we’ve had before. So, I’d like to know how positive mindset could help resolve conflicts in the workplace? How positive mindset could make the workplace, like as an employer, how positive mindset in the workplace can increase your bottom line? And there’s probably six or seven ways, and that is six or seven one minute videos. So, I hope that helps. I hope you were writing those down. If not, you can catch us on the replay, and fast forward to about 19 minutes in, Valerie.

Okay, I’ve got Kate. So, Kate says she has a small firm where she offers pasture raised, natural meat and eggs. No antibiotics, no hormones, and she rents backyard chickens to people who want to bring a simple food source closer to their table, which is eggs, not chickens. But maybe don’t know where to start, or even if it’s really for them. So, you can try raising chickens for a season. I mean, again, I think that sharing your love for nature, and sharing your love for animals are videos that you can be doing.

Introducing, and I know it’s really weird, because some of these animals become our food. But for us meat eaters, I’d rather know that I ate, this sounds terrible and I’m sorry. I really apologize to the vegetarians out there. But I would rather know that at least the animal was happy, and was treated humanely, and lived a great life, and lived a longer life, and had purpose during its life. I don’t know why that is important to me, but it is. I would want to know, right? I’d want, some of those things that you live every day, Kate. Like, it’s minutia to you. It’s just how, you know, farming is your life. But to us city folks, that’s kind of like a dream we never want to live. I would like … I just want to see inside your life every day. Sara?

Sara: I want to … Okay, so I’m going to go totally left field because I’m thinking of what I would like to watch, Kate. I want to know more about the benefits of raising the chickens, and that’s an educational piece, but do you know where I think Kate can start? I’d love to see videos on how you cook your eggs. I’d like to see a video of you going out, getting the eggs from the chickens, going … That’s right. I want to make sure I said that properly. Going inside, and being like come on, follow me. I make my eggs sunny side up. And show me how you make your eggs. Like make me hungry to want to try your eggs.

I know, I’m in London. I’m a couple hours from you, and I’d love to have a chicken coop in my backyard. I’m just saying. I think it would be so cool to go out and get my morning … Like I just think it would be neat. But I think if we start with fun, simple things, people will get more addicted to watching you. Maybe it’s like one time you show them how … You know, I’m sure you have egg recipes that we don’t. Like, scrambled eggs, to me, is butter and eggs. Like, people put milk in their scrambled eggs. I didn’t even know that was a thing.

So, I would like to see Kate actually go out, grab the eggs, and do, like literally, from farm to table, right? Take it. Do that whole thing. I think that would be really fun, Kate-

Angela: That would be a great live.

Sara: I think, yeah. I think it would be really fun to see. I’d also like to … I’m trying to … I’m watching, too, because I want to … I’m reading the comments as they come through. The other thing, you were talking about no hormones and such. Without scaring people, I would love to know the difference. Like, it’s nice to say you eat no antibiotics and this, but what’s the difference? I don’t know what the difference is. Maybe teach me what the difference is. Why does it benefit me? Without scaring me, like don’t scare me into the product. But I think that’s a couple things. I think a fun one would be like hey, look at me. I’m taking … Like the eggs, cook them and eat them. Like, I don’t know. I think it would be kind of fun to watch you make eggs. I think that’s easy.

Angela: That’s funny. That’s funny. And I love the idea of like, you know, that would be a great live video, some of those things. But even like two minutes on the farm, where you go and collect the eggs. You know, just collecting of the eggs, watching the interaction with the chickens. You know, a two minute, you know, feeding the different animals. The other thing is, people love animals. I mean, Kate, when your calf was born, when Freya was born, I mean, I was obsessed. You could have put Facebook Live, 24/7 on Freya, and I would have watched it. So, people love animals. You’ve got really great opportunity there to get some massive exposure for your business.

So, we are at 10:25, and I promised you guys 25 minutes, but there’s just one more. One more, which is Susan, Susanne, I’m sorry, ah. She’s an employment coach. I think that’s … I mean, we could sit here for hours. But let’s give two minutes of like power ideas. Ready? Go, Sara.

Sara: Employment Coach. I would love as if I … So, if I’m looking to hire my team right now. So, whether it’s small based, or medium, or large based companies, I would like to know the benefits of using a firm like yours. I’d like to know how you save me time, money, energy, and stress. Instead of me going out and trying to job, like headhunt myself, I want to know how you help me in a fun way that shows your personality, okay?

So, I want to be entertained while I’m watching you because I think that’s one thing, Ange, that a lot of people miss. They need to kind of entertain to keep somebody interactive. Mostly, it’s just kind of opening the door to let your personality out. But I want to know how you save me time, money, stress, there’s another one in there. Go back, re-watch it because I don’t know what I said. But how are you going to make my life easier without selling me, in a kooky, fun way? That would be my tidbit.

Angela: Now Sue, correct me if I’m wrong, I think she works with people who need employment. But I’m sure there’s probably another side to that. So, if you’re unemployed looking for a job, you would go to Sue to get you in a position to get the ideal job faster on that side.

Sara: Oh. Well, I just gave somebody else some good news. So, there you go.

Angela: But she might do that, too. I’m not sure.

Sara: The other way-

Angela: She does both. She said she does both. So, that’s perfect.

Sara: Okay, so that’s good. I’ll do that side, you do the other side, Ange.

Angela: Okay, so I think as an employment coach, looking at who is unemployed and looking for work. I think there’s a huge opportunity coming up for millennials. I am not an expert in education, but I think a lot of them are coming (missing audio, screen/audio froze 00:26:09) employed coming out of school. I can say that from some experiences I’ve had with my son. So, I would like to see videos on how you can find the right job, not just the pay check. I would like, actually, a whole series on that. I think that would be amazing, on getting people amped just not for the next pay check, but to find the job they really like. What tools can you share with them? Again, these are quick two minute videos.

You know, I know you do a whole intake process. I know you work on a whole process. So, what do their resumes look like? What are they going for? What don’t they want? Are they sabotaging themselves, and how? The ways that people don’t really want to find employment because they’re chasing the pay check, how they self-sabotage versus the people who want to find a job they love. And also, how to transition from being a person chasing the pay check to being the person who is finding the job that they love. So, I think there’s a ton of ideas in there that you could help people who are unemployed be attracted to you as a coach. You know, you’re more than oh, let’s make your resume really clean, and let’s practice, do some practicing. Like, you actually care about your clients, and that will come out in your videos, and that’ll come out in these videos.

Sara: That was awesome.

Angela: Yeah.

Sara: Awesome, Ange. Just saying.

Angela: Yeah, she said from pay check to pride, for sure. So, I hope that was helpful. I don’t want to keep you guys too much. Sara, thank you so much for coming on, and for sharing your ideas, and for really kind of putting to the forefront that fear of putting yourself out there, what that really is. I think that you nailed it, right? It’s we’ve got an image we put out into the world that we want them to see, and then we have the person who wakes up with messy hair every morning, and how do we find a balance.

Sara: Yep.

Angela: So that we can be confident to start doing video, a balance between those two. That’s all it is. I think it’s being confident, knowing that you’re smart, you’re amazing, you have value. What you do is important, and adds value to people’s lives. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be doing it. The second is, you know, I am not at my ideal weight. Let’s talk about weight for one second.

Sara: Please do. Let’s do that.

Angela: But it doesn’t matter. You know, my extra few pounds don’t make me less of an expert on video production, do they?

Sara: Correct. Yeah, and I know for me, I’m the same way. Like, I gained almost 40 pounds in 2017. But you know what? I still think I look good. I know that my smile and my personality-

Angela: You look damn good.

Sara: Outweigh my weight-

Angela: Absolutely.

Sara: Really, in the end, right? And I just want to say, I want to end with this because I think it’s really important. We were all put on this earth for a purpose. The chances of you actually being conceived by your parents is like 1 to 1 billion or trillion. Like, it had to take a microscopic second for you to be conceived. You have a purpose on this world. You have a purpose in this universe. A lot of times when we allow our fear, and our doubts, and our frustrations to keep us from doing what we’re called to do, we’re actually doing a disservice to the people in this world, and to our purpose. That is something huge I’ve learned lately.

I want people to understand that it doesn’t matter. It matters what you look like. Don’t come on in your pyjamas and crazy hair. Brush your hair, put on a nice shirt. You guys don’t know what I’m wearing underneath my desk. You have no idea what my pants are right now, and I’m not going to tell you. I’ll leave that up to imagination.

But in the end, don’t let your feelings, your emotions keep you from sharing what’s important because we all have something to share, to teach this world something. If you didn’t, you would not be here. I want people to remember that. You have a purpose. You’re here to make everybody else’s lives amazing. There’s something you have. You have something inside you.

Maybe allow people like Angela and Scott to pull it out of you. Join them on Video Power Up all the time. Look at them every Wednesdays at 10:00. See what they’re doing. Let them pull out of you what you need. They’re here to hold … They’re not physically holding your hand, but they’re holding your hand through social media. They’re holding your hand through their amazing membership subscriptions, and their classes, and everything. Let people help pull out of you what you have because you’re doing a disservice to not only yourself, but to everybody out there. There’s stuff I need to know from you that you’re not sharing, and you’re doing a disservice to me in my life. So, I’m going to leave it there. I get a little passionate about it. I’m sorry, but it’s so true. It’s so true.

Angela: Love it. Thank you. Thank you so much, Sara. Thank you, everyone for joining us today. If you’re catching us on the replay, we will reply to any comments here. Thank you, everyone. Have a great Wednesday. We’ll be back at it next Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. here at Video Power Up. And if you have any questions, you don’t want to post them publicly, PM me, or PM Sara, connect with her, too. Thanks, everyone. Take care.

Sara: Bye, guys.