Find more leads on LinkedIn with their latest video feature… NATIVE video uploads. (Finally!)

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“Hey, Scott here. If you’re not finding new leads on LinkedIn, this could instantly solve your problem. Now, if you’re already doing online video marketing, you need to be uploading native videos to LinkedIn, and this is a relatively new feature. You don’t want to be sharing links to YouTube or to Vimeo. And much like Facebook, with a native video, you’re gonna get way more engagement and you’re also gonna be given analytical tools. You can understand how you video is performing. And the nice thing about LinkedIn is it’s a professional environment where people can watch your video and not be distracted by other videos like cat videos or what their nephew was doing. Now, there are some limitations right now. You can only upload native videos through your LinkedIn app on your phone, and you also can’t post as a company right now, and you also can’t schedule your post. You actually gotta do it manually. And the nice thing about right now is it’s not very competitive out there on LinkedIn, so if you start putting native videos on LinkedIn and your competition isn’t, you’re definitely going to get noticed. Anyway, I hope you found this tip useful. If you have any questions at all about online video marketing, just comment below and I’ll answer it in one of my next videos.