GUIDE: The 9 Key Steps to Creating Professional Marketing Videos Using Only Your Smartphone

Whether you're shooting Facebook live videos or uploading videos that you shoot on your smartphone this guide will show you precisely what you need to do to instantly make your videos look and sound more professional and you can implement them immediately. Includes checklists to go through before you start recording and a handy poster to hang up to let people know you're recording to keep them quiet.

WORKSHEET: Target Audience

Use this worksheet anytime you're about to do any marketing online. When you're about to do a video or blog post place this completed worksheet in front of you to make sure you're speaking directly to your target audience using their language and posting it in places they hang out.

WORKSHEETS: Season and Episode Breakdowns

Use these worksheets to plan out your "season" of prerecorded and live videos. Just write down some ideas that you have for great videos or maybe questions you hear from your clients all the time or you're getting "inspired" by others online. Having this completed in advance will make it much easier when each week you want to put out a marketing video.

BLOG POST: Product Suggestions to Improve Your Marketing Videos

We're often asked for recommendations on products to improve the quality of our clients videos so we thought it was about time we compiled those in one blog post. The products we'll be sharing will be less than $100 which makes them affordable for all of our clients.

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