Want FREE Video Marketing Training? We've got you covered!

We've put together a 5-day online training course which will have you creating videos that get real results.

Online Training Membership

To generate more leads and to grow your business, all the marketing experts are telling you that you need to be creating videos, but that’s where they stop. That's why we created our membership.

Video Production Services

If you're looking for professionals to step in and help you overcome some of your current challenges with producing marketing videos, we provide several ways that we can work with you .

Seminars and Workshops

We'll present to your group or organization, not just about the power of video, we'll show them how to get started using only their smartphones, and they'll walk away with a plan.

A little bit about us

A husband and wife team, often referred to as the dynamic duo, Angela and Scott have been producing marketing videos for over 10 years and produced thousands of videos during that time.  Angela brings her 25 years of experience in sales and marketing, with several successful businesses, and Scott brings his 25 years of work experience in the film, television and media industry.  Together they've run a successful video production company since 2007, and recently have moved on to help empower small business owners and entrepreneurs to create their own marketing videos using their smartphones, with all the new opportunities that social media has brought with the power of video, giving entrepreneurs like you a real competitive advantage, leveling the playing field with the larger businesses and corporations.

Angela Kafadar and Scott Clevely

Connie Brennan

Scott and Ange are wonderful people who are very caring and inspiring! They helped me break through my terrifying fear of video marketing for my business. I am now able to do Facebook lives and 90 second recorded marketing tips. I hope to be able to use more of their services in the future!


Lisa Braun

Angela and Scott have so much knowledge and experience to share! If making videos scares you or seems too difficult, they make it so easy! And their ongoing support is something you won't find anywhere else.


Amanda Drexler

I have worked with Scott and Angela on many different projects now. They are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to video marketing. They stay on top of current events and are always willing to share their knowledge with you to help you and your business grow. My business would not be where it is today in terms of video exposure if it wasn't for Video Power up.


Jennifer Robinson

Because of them sharing each week, and Angela getting on stage to talk about fear it has slowly pushed me to find the courage to take steps toward sharing my message and vision. You have inspired me to get over my fear and finally push myself to step up. Thank you, thank you!


Anja Gangur

Angela and Scott have been amazing. I joined their Mastermind group and started posting videos according to their instructions. My business has grown due to following what they taught us. I highly recommend them to anyone in business.


Valentina Gadjaloff

AMAZING COURSE! This course is so helping me conquer the fear of video marketing! This course is worth every cent!!!! I highly recommend it!


Stephanie Birt

Scott and Angela are extremely professional while still being fun and engaging. Their work is outstanding and I would recommend them over and over. Thanks for all you have done.


Naomi Mailloux

Great info provided by Scott and Angela would definitely recommend!


Anne Marie Heinrichs

Great presentation about doing your own videos. I would highly recommend attending if you get a chance and I'm really looking forward to the full day seminar!


Karen Clark

LOVE Angela & Scott! They are such super cool lovely people that are so easy to work with and provide an amazingly professional service. I love my video and it's helping me move forward with public speaking & television opportunities because of it.


Minerva Maharajh

What an awesome team! I was so impressed from the start. Thank you for the work you do!


Michelle Annis-Watterson

Their work is amazing and they are amazing to work with. You won't be disappointed.


Dawn Fletcher

The best people to work with!