How to take the worry, fear & anxiety out of the equation when creating your DIY video.

[su_spacer]Technical challenges can really stump us when we want to record our own videos. But even more so than that, what about your performance? One of the biggest obstacles I know people have is that when they do film themselves, when they watch it back, it feels like they’re not being authentic, it’s not really them, and that their personality doesn’t really come through.

So I have a few tips that will you raise your energy and be more confident on camera so that people will feel it’s authentically you as much as you feel you were. So the first thing to do is to absolutely rehearse what you’re about to say, and you know what? You know this, you’ve got this.

You’re an expert already at what you do. If you are a networking event having that conversation, what would you say? So know that you’ve got this, but rehearse before, just in case. Also your energy, so you might have some nervous or low energy before you start, so you want to get that energy higher, get some of the nervousness out, and use what’s left for good.

You could shake it off, you could do some push-ups, you could dance around if you want and listen to music before you start to film. Whatever it is, physically release some of that nervous energy. Lastly, taking the focus off of you and putting it on your audience. So when you’re filming, look right into the lens.

And how do you know, ’cause your camera might have multiple lenses. How do you know you’re looking into the lens? Just the first few times you’re about to shoot, just use your finger, don’t touch your lens, it’ll make it dirty, but go really close and you’ll know that’s the lens.

Because if you’re not looking at the lens, you’re looking over here, you’re not looking at the audience and you won’t be able to engage and you won’t feel like yourself. Look into the lens, know that you’re talking to someone who needs what you have, and go for it.