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Angela: Hey, welcome. Tuesday morning live video here with Angela and Scott.

Scott: Yep.

Angela: This is actually our new studio. So, I know last week, we talked about you wearing a hula skirt. That hasn’t happened yet, but girls, I’m going to get it to happen. But we talked about our studio. Last week, we had a backdrop. This is actually our office. It’s the back wall of our office and it’s who we are and how we do things. So, we thought we’d go au naturel this week and just film it this way.

Scott: Yeah. We did get some feedback from people on the gray photographer background and it was interesting. The people who were like, “Oh, I really liked it,” weren’t our target audience, just friends and family that we know that don’t necessarily run their own businesses. But yeah. We spent a lot of time think about, “What do we want to put in the background?” Ang had decided that she wanted a beachscape, like a beach scene.

So, we were looking at giant backgrounds that would have a beach in the background. For me, forests. Then we thought maybe we would just hang a frame on this bulletin board and then we would get a printing of a beach or whatever. But why were we doing that? This goes back to the training that I did earlier in the year. What was our motivation for that? It wasn’t actually that clear.

Then we just looked at each other at one point. We were like, “We’re marketing to small business people and this is our small business office. This is where we run our business from and this is what’s in the background. It’s what’s happening in our lives.” We’ve got all our video shoots up there, all our seminars are up there. So, I think we’re just going to go with that for now. We may change our mind in the future. We’ll test and measure this.

But keep your eye on this board because you’ll see some subliminal messages over the next couple weeks while we test it. If you don’t know who this guy is, that’s Angela’s son. That’s Hayden right there.

Angela: Yes, hovering over Scott’s head.

Scott: Yeah, he’s kind of blocked.

Angela: Hi, Sandra. Welcome. I’m glad you like it. It’s just who we are. You know from last week, we talked about just being yourself. Although I love the idea of the beachscape in the background, and we might still do that because, you know what, I’m a beach girl. I love spending time on tropical beaches like Bora Bora, though I haven’t been there yet. I know you have, Sandra. So, we’ll see. But yeah, this is it. So, this week, you want to just get into it?

Scott: Yeah. Absolutely.

Angela: This week, we want to talk about, and we’ve talked about it before, getting more attention, getting more exposure on your videos. We’ve given you some technical tricks and tips to use about lighting and sound. So, today, I want to talk more about what to film, how to film, and your motivation behind that, and how you can use that to get more followers and get more engagement on your videos.

I think the first thing is consistency. Not just consistency with your day and time, but consistency with your messaging. So, not being all over the place. If you are an expert at one thing, be the expert at that one thing. So, if it’s health and wellness, then be the health and wellness expert. You don’t need to be another expert at anything else.

So, I think consistency is really key and sticking through, even when it feels like it’s not working because there’s a lot of noise out there. There’s a lot of noise and it’s going to take time for you to gather an audience. It’s going to take patience. So, sticking with it.

Scott: Yeah. They’re using weed whackers outside. I’m not sure if you can hear that. We’re using our little shotgun mic today. What were you just saying? You were talking about-

Angela: Consistency.

Scott: No, after that. Consistency is definitely important.

Angela: Yep.

Scott: What was your next note?

Angela: The noise? Sticking through it? I don’t know.

Scott: Oh, the noise. Yeah. I really try and listen and both Ang and I try and listen to what people are saying, why they’re not doing video, why video doesn’t work for them, which, in my personal opinion, is total BS. You’re probably just not doing it right. “Oh, there’s much noise out there. There’s too much to compete with.”

Angela: “Everyone’s doing video.”

Scott: Yeah. “Everyone’s doing video.” I often relate the videos to the television industry or the movie industry. Good morning, Michelle.

Angela: Morning, Michelle.

Scott: I relate video marketing to the television or the movie industry. How many channels now can you get? It’s got to be 300 if not more. Ang and I don’t have the full cable package anymore, but there’s a ridiculous amount of content on cable television, and then everything you can get online. So, how do you get heard through all that noise?

The shows that you do watch, why do you watch those shows? It’s probably because you like those shows. They either entertain you or they provide value to you. So, that’s what you need to focus on. Just don’t write off video or write off social media marketing just because there’s too much noise out there. That’s where we’re going. This isn’t stopping. Social media is now how communities get together. It’s how we all communicate. It’s how businesses thrive. So, you can’t write it off.

What you really need to do is just focus on your message and serving your target audience so that they like, know, and trust you and they tune into your videos, either your live videos every week or your prerecorded videos. So, it is possible to cut through the noise.

Angela: Yeah, for sure. Actually, you mentioned three great things. Knowing your target audience. I say this again and again. For those of you who are doing Facebook Lives but are doing it on your personal page, if you’re getting engagement, that’s great. I’m not saying stop. But what you’re missing is a key element to Facebook Analytics. If you’re doing it on your Facebook page at this time, you don’t have access to analytics. So, you don’t actually know who’s watching, how long they’re watching for, when they’re coming on, when they’re leaving, or your demographics.

That’s all available on your business page in your analytics. So, you’ll know if you’re hitting your right target market, if your messaging is clear to hit those people by looking at those analytics. If you’re not using your business page, you don’t have them. So, I know a lot of people will say, “I get more engagement on my personal page.” Again, that’s fine. Doing something is better than doing nothing. But you’re missing a key point.

Scott: Yeah, absolutely. The other thing about doing live videos or posting your videos on your personal page, you should do them on your business page and then share them on your personal page. But if you’re just posting on your personal page, you’re getting a lot of the analytics that you are getting, even though you don’t get a lot of it. But you can get to see how many views and stuff like that.

Those might not necessarily be your target audience. You have your fans, like your mom, maybe your brother, and maybe that guy from high school that you really didn’t know that well. But those people are watching the video, but that’s not your target audience. So, if you do it on a business page, the people who actually like your page are interested in what you have to say. So, you know that they’re your target audience.

Then with the ability to boost or turn your videos into an ad, you can then focus it and target it only on your target audience, whereas on your personal page, it’s just going out wide. So, I think it appears like you’re getting more engagement and you’re getting more value by posting on your personal page. But you’re really not. I believe it’s not really going to help your business. That’s just my personal belief.

I think that rules were meant to be broken. That’s the rule. There is maybe some industries where it may be more advantageous for you to post your videos or go live on your personal page. But the general is do it on a business page.

Angela: Yeah. Hey, Kathy. Welcome. I’m glad you joined us today. The other thing, actually, I was going to talk about, live videos are really popular. But what people are finding is they’re just not getting the traction or the audience on their live videos. But my belief is live videos are for people who are already hovering around you, who know you a little bit, who trust you a little bit, they’re willing, because live videos are typically longer.

So, live videos aren’t the end all and be all. You still need to do prerecorded videos. But that content for that prerecorded video is value, value, value based, not sales based. You’ll hear this message almost every week from me because people don’t want to be sold to. They just want to be helped. They have a problem and you have the solution and they want to be helped.

Sometimes they don’t want to buy your product or service ever. Sometimes they just don’t want to buy it yet. But to get them from not knowing you at all and not knowing who you are, the short 30 to 120 second prerecorded videos of value that can help them in their lives that you can broadcast and then use to bring them into your circle will help bring them to your live videos when you do them.

Typically, strangers don’t come to live videos. That’s 100% true for us. Nobody here today is a stranger to us. I would be really surprised if a stranger came onto one of our live videos. So, live videos aren’t so much for getting new people into your funnel, so to speak.

Scott: Yeah. No, I totally agree with everything Ang says regarding that. I feel the exact same way. I really believe that prerecorded videos like these less than two minute videos, maybe a little over two minutes, and live videos are very different videos, both very important videos. But they hold different spaces in your sales funnel. Those short videos as little value, like, “Here’s a nugget of information. I’m going to quickly solve the problem for you today and I’m going to do it in one minute,” that’s getting strangers. That’s bringing new people in to your funnel.

People go, “Oh, that’s interesting,” and they learn something new or you solve a problem for you. Then like, “Oh, there’s another video from Scott and Ang,” and then they watch another one. So, at the top of your funnel, there’s these people, all these people out there, and these two minute videos bring people into the top of your funnel. But that second stage of your funnel, they like you, know you, and trust you now. That’s where your live videos, that’s where you can really start to build on your relationship with those people, or the perceived relationship with those people where you’re making a strong connection.

They can really get to know who you are because when you do a live video, you’re really exposed. You’re going to make mistakes and people will get a real sense of who you are. So, very different videos, they live in very different spaces in your sales funnel, but both critically, critically important.

Then one thing I wanted to say about investment of time, you can’t expect a stranger who does not like and know and trust to invest 20 minutes of their time in you. But they will invest 30 seconds at least to see your videos. Then when you start giving the value, they’ll probably watch the two minute videos. Anyway, that’s how the top of the sales funnel works with the sales videos.

Then further down, you can then add testimonial videos and then sales videos, and then also an “about me” or a why video to really close those sales. So, there is a process. But the short videos, critical videos, are right at the top of the sales funnel. That’s where I think most small businesses need the most help is marketing and getting new people into the top of their sales funnel. So, short videos, but live, also very, very important.

Angela: Yeah, but they’re a little further down the funnel. It’s actually funny that you said … Something you said reminded me of another point I wanted to bring up. Social media marketing is not a one-way street. So, what I mean by that is you can’t just be putting your information out there asking people to engage with you but not using it as a two-way street, not using it as a communication tool.

So, I think it’s really important to make sure that while you want and expect people to engage with you on social media to learn more about your business, you should be doing the same, not because that whole “if you engage with them, they’ll engage with me”, but it’s more of if it’s just a one-way street, if it’s just you just want people coming into you all the time and it’s a one-way street, you’ll lack momentum and traction.

So, I think it’s really important to use social media not only as a tool to engage with people, to help them, to solve problems for them in their business, but also, when you have a problem, when you need something solved, to reach out to the people you know on social media and engage with them. I think that that’s really important.

Scott: Yeah. No, absolutely. The other thing I wanted to-

Angela: Oh, Michelle said something. Sorry. Oh, her internet is sketchy. She’s going to head out. Okay. She’ll watch it when she comes back. That’s okay. Bye.

Scott: What was I going to say? Oh. Been reading a book lately, and this relates to being authentic, which I think is really important in your videos, whether you’re talking about your two minute video, actually all your videos. Whenever you do a video, it’s really important that you be authentic. Really, really critically important.

I’ve been reading a book by Dr. Joe Dispenza. It was a really interesting book, but there’s one nugget. I want to share this nugget of information with you, which is there’s who you present to the world. So, this is who you’re presenting to the world. Maybe it’s like, “I’m super successful and I’m rich and look at this Lamborghini that I drive,” but it’s not really authentic, that’s not who you are, “and I’m a social media expert.” But then there’s who you really are that you might not be honest with yourself.

Maybe you’re not really rich or you’re struggling day by day or you’re not having a lot of success with social media and that’s who you really are. This is who you’re presenting yourself as. This is who you really are. There’s this giant gap in between. It requires an immense amount of energy to keep presenting this person to the world as an authentic person because it’s not real. It requires a lot of energy. This requires zero energy because it’s just who you are. So, I would challenge all of you to try and close that gap. Try and be more authentic in your meetings, in your videos, or whatever, and get that gap closer together.

If you be more authentic, you will find life will be much easier because all that energy that you take to pretend to be someone that you’re not, you can then put that energy into something else, maybe your family, maybe your work, maybe your passion, or whatever that is. Anyway, I read that nugget and I thought, “That’s a really interesting idea.” So, I’m going to start applying that because I am consistently trying to be as authentic as possible.

Angela: Yeah. I think it’s interesting. I think we all put on a face, right? We do. We all put on a face if we’re having a bad day and we’re going networking. We put on a face and we go networking and I think that’s, for me, a great example and how hard it is. When you’re finished networking, you get back in your car and you’re like … Right? I think that just being who you are and being as authentic as you can without being hurtful to other people or rude if you’re in a bad mood, doesn’t mean you be rude.

Scott: Yeah. There is a point. I’m sure there’s a filter. Yeah.

Angela: No, that’s what I’m saying, right? It doesn’t mean that if we’re having a bad day, we have to drag our tails on the ground and like Eeyore, but being as close to that as put on a face, maybe, but you don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not.

Scott: Yep. No. Absolutely.

Angela: Yeah.

Scott: Is there anything else you want to talk about with people getting more traction with their videos or does that pretty much cover it?

Angela: No. I think that pretty much covers it unless you guys have questions or comments or problems that you want us to address that we haven’t. I know we’ve still got a couple people live here. I’m wondering, how do you get people in your funnel? How do you get people watching your live video? I would love to hear from you guys.

Scott: If anyone is going to comment, put your comment in and when I see it come up, I will address it. But Ang and I, we’re always working on our format and how we’re going to structure our live videos. We are going to try and tighten them up because we found 30 minutes, although we had engaged people right to the end of 30 minutes, I still feel that this hour has 22 minutes. No, I feel that a good 22 minutes is a good length of a live video. I think that’s enough time for our engaged people to invest and to learn a little bit about what we’re talking about.

But at the end of our videos, what we want to do is just maybe share a thought with you guys or something a little bit out of the box. So, we’re going to try that. So, I stole the spotlight today from Angela, but I’d like to hear input. But it’s back to school time. It’s back to school. The kids, if you’ve got kids, the kids are going back to school.

Angela: That’s my kid.

Scott: Yeah, that’s Angela’s kid.

Angela: That’s my kid.

Scott: He’s not going back to school. He’s working now. So, everyone’s getting ready, it’s the end of the summer, the summer’s winding down, and it’s back to school. Everyone’s going to start getting back into their routines. I’ve always found it fascinating that psychologically, I still fall into that, “Oh, I’m going back to school.” I have this desire to go to Staples and buy some pens and buy a new notebook. I have that. It’s not surprising-

Angela: I always want to buy new pencil crayons.

Scott: Yeah.

Angela: I don’t color. I’m not one of those adult colorers. I always want to buy new pencil crayons.

Scott: But this has been developed in us since we were very, very young, like whatever, five through to 18 and if you went to college, maybe another five years. What happens is that we get ready for learning. So, that’s built into our minds. So, it’s almost September, it’s almost back to school. I feel it. So, I’m doing some new learning. I’m taking a new course right now to learn a bit more about website building.

So, again, I want to challenge you guys as well. Maybe it’s time to take advantage of that thing that’s built in psychologically to you about going back to school and learning something new and learn something new. It’s September. Whether it’s pick up a book, take an online course, do something to further your education because your mind is likely craving it because it’s built into.

Angela: Yeah. For sure.

Scott: Do you have anything to share about that?

Angela: No.

Scott: No?

Angela: No. My birthday is September 6th, so back to school was pencil crayons and birthday presents.

Scott: That’s funny because my birthday as June 16th was always the last day of school, the last week of school. I never noticed that before.

Angela: Oh, that’s funny.

Scott: Yeah. It was always, “Party, school’s done, it’s my birthday.”

Angela: Yeah. Yeah. That’s why I always take my birthday off, I think, because there were so many days that my birthday was the first, second, third day of school. So, now I take my birthday off.

Scott: Cool.

Angela: No back to school. Thanks, everyone for joining.

Scott: Yeah, thanks for tuning in.

Angela: Before I let them go, we’re back doing our free seminars. If you’ve found value in this video, if you’ve gained some great nuggets but you want more, we actually do free live seminars. So, we are in [crosstalk 00:19:45] in person.

Scott: In person. This is an online webinar. This is like, we host different events in different places and you come, and for free. It’s two hours.

Angela: Yep, and you get our time and you can ask questions and we’re there live.

Scott: It’s a lot of fun.

Angela: So, we’re doing Guelph and London this month. So, if you’re interested in that, we’ll make sure we post a link here. But also, if we’re not in your city and you want us to come, post your city and we’ll try to arrange something. Again, it’s two great hours of value on really ramping up your smartphone video marketing. It’s not two hours of sales. It’s two hours of value. We’ve had lots of people actually really kick some ass after leaving some of those.

Scott: Oh, yeah. No, there’s a couple people right now that are-