Need More Eyes on Your Lives?

In this Facebook Live video we discussed how you can get more of your target audience to watch your Facebook Live videos.


Angela: Morning. We’re live.

Scott: We are live.

Angela: Tuesday morning. Welcome whoever is coming in to day. Hi.

Scott: Hi. Normally, Angela’s picking the topics lately for the Facebook Live videos and I just naturally assumed that she was going to start the video today but clearly we weren’t clear on our communication as to who was actually starting the video today. Yeah, so that’s were we’re at. Today we’re talking about one of the questions, sometimes when Angela and I are trying to decide, what are we going to do our Facebook Live videos about today or any day, we sort of ask ourselves what’s something we keep hearing from our clients, what’s a question people keep asking us, maybe that’s likely, very likely something we should be doing a video on and one of the most recent questions that Angela had been asked about video and online video marketing with social media was how to get more viewers to tune into your Facebook Live videos.

So, Angela and I talked about it this morning. We put together some notes and that’s what we’re going to talk about today and we’re definitely looking for input from you guys. If anyone has any questions or feedback yourselves, because Angela and I we’re still testing out Facebook Live. This is like our … Morning Tessa …

Angela: Hi, Tessa.

Scott: This is probably our, I don’t know eighth, I’m guessing.

Angela: I don’t know.

Scott: Seventh Facebook Live and so this is something that we’re still learning about and experimenting with, but we definitely have some good tips and we’re open here for some tips from you guys as well.

Angela: And I think Jasmine’s on too. Hi, Jasmine. She doesn’t say hi. Maybe she will in a bit.

Scott: So, you want me to just start.

Angela: Yep.

Scott: Okay. So, for me, I mean, there’s all kinds of little tips and stuff that I can give you but one of the most important ones is definitely scheduling your Facebook Lives in advance. I’m a big fan of picking a time every week that you’re going to strive to do your videos and having that time right in your calendar or your schedule and also preposting about it. Angela did a prepost this morning and I really liked it because she sort of hit, she checked sort of all the boxes with that post, like she had a really great image which caught people’s attention. It was a cute image. It was a bunch of ducklings following a duck. She turned it into a meme with a good headline in it and so it likely got people to sort of pay attention and she also boosted that post because it was on our Facebook page. She was able to boost that post to make sure that all of our fans that are fans of our business page would get that notification if they were up this morning between nine and ten o’clock, which reminds me we need to cancel that boost.

Angela: Yes, I know.

Scott: If you’re going to use this strategy where you’re going to boost your prepost. Once you actually go live you might as well cancel that boost because you don’t want to pay for it. You don’t want to promote something that’s already started, so …

Angela: And I just want to talk about that for a second, so I used, I believe it was called so I just found a cute picture. I knew what I was looking for, right? I knew I was looking for a, cute animals and the puppy pictures didn’t work so I found a duck picture, and then I created my own meme and saved it to my computer and then uploaded it, so I think it was called And telling people that you’re going to go live at a certain time is great, but I have found that adding an image with that gets more attention and you could even go once step further and do a video about … Like you can say “Hey, I’m going live at ten am this morning, but … ”

Scott: Yeah, yeah.

Angela: I mean, but just use different strategies, but just telling you’re going live alone isn’t as powerful as using an image that says something about what you’re going to speak about.

Scott: And you’re competing now with a lot of other people. I think a year ago, to say I’m going live would get people to tune in but everyone’s going live now and some people, I mean, you’ve probably experienced this where you’re just wasting your time, so I think it’s really important to do more than just say “I’m going live.” Which brings me to my next point which is a great headline. I mean, you need a good headline for that prepost to say I’m going live in five or I’m going live in an hour but you really need to spend a little time focused on that headline for your actual live video and you need to tell people what you’re going to be talking about today. What the value is for that and one of the other tips that I got online … Headlines are the same for no matter what type of marketing you’re doing. You definitely want to make sure you’re speaking directly to your target audience. If you’re touching on a pain point or a pleasure point, you got to hint at what the value is or tell them outright what the value is.

And the thing that I read this morning online that I thought was interesting was to tease the result. Tease the result. Like if you tune in today to the live video by the end of it you’re going to have some new tools to get more viewers for your Facebook Live videos. That’s not a great headline but it demonstrates my point that you can tease the result of the video to get people a reason to tune in.

Angela: So one of the other tips we have on getting more viewers … So you want to get them, you want to let them, people know ahead you’re, ahead of time you’re going live. You want to tell them why they should watch your live video, what’s in it for them, but when you go live you want to balance the time you take into the video with the time it takes for your to serve your information because Facebook takes time to serve people that you’re live and then one or two people come in and then other people see that they’re coming live, so you want to make sure you use the first minute or so to say hi, to welcome everyone, just like you would if someone, you know, if someone came into your house for dinner, you wouldn’t be like “Hey, come in. Sit at the table,” and serve them food, right?

You’d have a little bit of small talk but not meaningless small talk. So you want to engage people right away, welcome them, say hi and then serve them an appetizer. Again, tell them what they’re going to get in the video, what you’re video’s going to be about. You could even talk a little bit about your day if it, or something that’s happened to you if it relates to your video, but don’t do nothing.

Scott: Yeah. I think definitely the key thing is don’t do nothing. No nothing. Don’t go live and just sit there and do nothing or have just meaningless, valueless conversation. I mean, if you’re building a connection with someone that’s fine, but what you need to think about I think with these first few minutes as well is not just about your Live viewers. You need to think about your replay viewers because you’re going to get way more impact and I don’t know if any of you look at your analytics but you get way more impact on your live videos in replay. People watch these replays and they actually engage with it. They get involved with the conversation because there’s a sense, like they still feel like they’re part of the Live broadcast, so no nothing because when that, the replay comes up in someone’s feed and they go “Oh, look. Angela was live,” and then they start to play it and then it’s just Angela sitting there or it’s an empty frame, they’re moving on to the next thing, so no nothing.

Angela: Or if it’s really irrelevant like you know, sometimes I’m compelled to put some music on at the first minute while we’re going live, like share kind of my music tastes, but it’s relevant, like it’s not relevant so we’re really careful not to be too cute. Even though I’m compelled to sometimes, but I don’t know. I know Tessa, if you’re still, I know you do quite a bit of Live and you’re an advocate for Live because you’ve experienced the results where you can reach so many and help so many in such a short period of time. I want to know a bit about what you do when you go live and how you’re able to connect with people right away and how that feels when you see it on the replay as well because sometimes people aren’t live with us right away, right?

Like sometimes they’re just not and they take some time or they watch the replay. So I want to know, Tessa, what you do that works and what you do that doesn’t work. There’s going to be a lag, Tessa, if you do respond. There is going to be a lag, so we’ll come back to that in a second, but one thing that you were talking about is consistency and we for example try to do Tuesdays at 10 am and there’s just been a couple where it’s not possible, but being as consistent as possible is key.

Scott: I think, I definitely think so, and I was saying to Angela this morning, because since we started Facebook Live videos we have missed two and I think what’s really important is yes, to be consistent but strive for consistency. I mean, it’s not about perfection, about getting on … Stuff happens. Stuff happens in people’s lives that take a priority and we’ve experienced that and that was more important at the time, but I think striving for consistency is really important and one of our clients had said to us the other thing that’s really cool about being consistent is that it actually says something about you as a person, that you’re reliable. Every week at ten o’clock on Tuesdays, Scott and Angela with video power up go live. That says something about us and our business, that we’re reliable and it’s almost subconscious, which is really, really cool. When that was brought to my attention, I was like that’s a great reason to go live at the same time every week or for posting your prerecorded videos.

The other thing, too, is for all of you that are trying to do Facebook Live and you’re not getting the results that you want, you really need to be patient. This type of marketing, the video marketing whether it’s prerecorded or live video, it takes time. It takes time to build the trust of people and live videos is a little trickier than getting people to watch prerecorded videos because it’s more of a time investment. If you’re going live for 20 to 30 minutes of the day, most people only work for seven hours a day on average. That’s a lot of time that you’re asking for from them, so getting people to actually watch you’re live videos from beginning to end is a little more challenging than a two minute video, but definitely I think just being patient with it.

Angela and I are being patient with it. We’re changing things up a bit. I’m going to talk a little bit about that at the end, but so far it’s been good and I enjoy doing it and people seem to be getting value from it and a lot of people from the replays and we know this because we watch our analytics. We take a look at it and it’s pretty, if you’re not looking at your analytics, you really need to. It’s pretty fascinating when it comes to your Facebook Live.

Angela: Yeah, for sure.

Scott: Yeah.

Angela: The one thing I was going to say as well is we were talking about this, we always, we should really just film our Live when we’re talking about doing our Live because it’s a much different conversation, but the other thing I was going to say is you see sometimes these Facebook celebrities and you see their Live and they’ve got thousands upon thousands of Live viewers and that’s just not realistic for a small business entrepreneur who’s just starting a Live video. Don’t compare yourself to what other people or how many viewers other people have. You don’t when they started. You don’t know how long it took them to build it. You don’t know how many times they had zero or one or two viewers, so don’t let that stop you or discourage you.

There are times we only have one viewer, but we still know that the content that we’re sharing is valuable and if that one viewer gets one nugget, I’m happy.

Scott: Yeah.

Angela: Like I’m honestly happy, and so build your audience and build it slowly.

Scott: And the other thing is even if you’ve only got one viewer or you got zero viewers, the act of doing a video again whether it’s prerecorded or Facebook Live, you’re going to get better. You’re going to become much more polished, a lot less ums and ahs. You’re going to get used to the technology. You’re going to get used to better lighting. How can I improve my sound? Like really just start. You got to start doing videos and if you only have a few viewers in the beginning, that’s good. Now build on it.

Angela: Yeah, for sure. And then the other thing I was going to talk about, with Facebook Live, as small business people and entrepreneurs with smaller businesses that are growing, Facebook Live is really to engage your existing audience. You’re not going to get a lot of cold leads from your Facebook Live. A, because not everyone is connected with you, but it just doesn’t work that way until you’ve built such a following that there’s such a sharing in that, when you say you’re going to go live, like 80 people are sharing that they’re watching you or sharing that you’re going live, you know what I mean?

So, use Facebook Live to really engage with your existing audience and don’t worry about why getting that to everyone and worry that you’re not getting new leads from your Facebook Live videos. They’re not really for that. They’re to engage your existing leads. Does that make sense?

Scott: Yeah, makes sense to me. The other thing I want to say about that, too, and this is a rule in business. All of us should know this. It’s much easier to keep a client than to get a new one and I think the same goes for Facebook Live viewers. It’s much easier to get a viewer to, or a fan to return to watch another video than trying to get a new one to come and watch your video. And so how do you get them to return? You got to provide value. You got to provide real value to your target audience if you want them to come back and then when they are in the room or when you see them log in. Acknowledge them. We had two people come in today and we acknowledged that they were here. It looks like [Nergen’s 00:14:35] also online watching. Hi, Nergen.

But acknowledge those people. Engage with those people and if you engage with people, you make a connection with those people online. They’re very likely to return next time. Like even this morning I watched Tessa’s video this morning because I love Tessa’s videos. She’s always got really useful information. I know I might not be her direct primary target audience but …

Angela: You’re her secondary.

Scott: I’m her secondary …

Angela: You’re on her periphery.

Scott: Yeah, I’m on her periphery. But I always get a lot of values out of her videos and I just said good morning to her and she engaged me right away and even gave me a shout out about this live video, so you can bet the next time Tessa … I was going to say Layla, I don’t know why. I think it’s because Nergen’s on here. But the next time Tessa goes live, you can bet I’m probably going to, if I’m available, I’m going to go and watch her video.

Angela: So valuable content, say something really meaningful that will help someone else’s business or life be better and engage with your audience when they come on and again we’d love to hear more from you when you do your Facebook Live. How are you feeling? What are you thinking? What’s the feedback that you’re getting on it? Are you doing it on your personal page or are you doing it on your business page? I want to talk about that just for a second.

Scott: Sure. I just want to give a shout to Carol. I haven’t seen Carol in a while.

Angela: Carol.

Scott: I hope you’re doing well, Carol.

Angela: Hi. How are you?

Yeah, so Facebook Live. I know a lot of people do it on their personal page? And that is okay. There are reasons why you want to do it on your business page and there are tools that you don’t have access to right now by posting Live personally. Like you can’t just boost your Live video after you’ve completed it personally. But there are ways of getting around that.

Morning, kids. I’d love to see you … Well, we would love to see you, Carol. When are we going to see you next? Sorry.

Scott: I know. Summers almost done. I can’t believe it.

Angela: Yes.

Scott: A couple week left.

Angela: So there are ways to get your video and I don’t want to complicate or make this complicated, but you can download your live video and then you can upload it to your business page and then you can boost it. We’re not talking about technical things today, but …

Scott: [inaudible 00:16:53].

Angela: Analytics. You can’t get the analytics from your personal Facebook posts, but if you’re target demographic is on your personal page moreso than your business page and that’s where they’re engaging with you and you are seeing traction and you’re getting shares, then that’s where you should be. You should be where your audience is and if your audience isn’t in your personal, sorry, your business page right now or in a certain group right now, and they really are your peeps, your personal peeps, they really are your family and your close friends and your far friends then that’s where you should be doing it and although I love analytics and I love knowing my numbers and I do boost my posts and that’s where I like going live, do what works for you if it’s working.

Scott: Absolutely.

Angela: But if it’s not working, then think about the alternatives because you can go live on your business page but let everyone know on your personal page that’s where you’re live. It is not as powerful, like you won’t get the amount of engagement and we should do a test. Maybe we’re going to do a test next time. I’m going to go live on my phone, on my personal page and we’ll go live on our business page here and see.

Scott: And I think it’s really important, so ever since I’ve been doing marketing videos [inaudible 00:18:14] for the last, over ten years, whenever I sat down to write a script or to do a video, there was two things that I always focused on. I always, I would say this to my client. There’s only two things you really need to focus on right now. One is who is your target and number two, what’s the purpose of the video. So if you know those two things and if you’re target is only on our personal page then it makes sense to go there and if your purpose is to spread a message of love and kindness to your family and friends then go live on your personal page, but if your target audience is not your family and friends but maybe some of your family and friends but a very specific geographic area or sex and the purpose is to sell them your soap eventually.

That’s your purpose. You want to sell them your soap. You should be going live on your, you know, creating a business page and going live there and then structuring your videos to give value about that and then down at the end of the funnel is selling them the soap. So, I’m just backing up what Angela said. I mean, only you know. We’re not going to tell you what the right way is. Definitely there’s a huge advantage to going live on a page because of the abilities to boost your post, use Facebook ads, get analytics, understand how your videos are working or not working so you can be better in the future.

Angela: Yeah.

Scott: And speaking of analytics, when you have, another tip to get more eyes on your Facebook Live videos is with the replays of course. If you get a really good Facebook Live video and you got a lot of really good organic engagement. Say there was a lot of comments happening and during the live broadcast and a lot of people were logging in, you’re like “Okay, wow. I had a winner here. This was a good Facebook Live video.” Boost it. Once the video is done, go in, it’s going to be posted on your page or your personal profile, but you can’t boost on your personal profile. You can only do this on a page, so at the bottom right hand corner you’ll see the boost button.

You can select that boost button, hone in on your target audience, you know, geographic, again age, sex, whatever you want to target them and boost that Live post. People will watch it and those that found value from it will subscribe and they’ll watch you’re next live video. Again, the patience and the slow building up of an audience is really important.

Angela: Yeah, for sure. And going back to where you’re going to post, Carol shared A/B testing is definitely the best, and Carol is also a video producer and she knows what she’s talking about.

Scott: Absolutely.

Angela: So that’s definitely test and see where … And where are you getting more viewers but where are those viewers engaging more, right? There’s other things to look at.

Scott: I mean, you can cover these. I wrote down a couple of little tips here. This was actually yours so you can share that one, but the first one I’m going to share, if you’ve got an email list, everyone talks about how important the email list, a lot of you have a list and some of you have a list of 300 people. It’s okay to email those people and let them know I’m going live and this is what I’m talking about. Feel free to blast your list. The people that want to be there. That’s what your list should be, but send them an email and let them go on your Live. That’s one tip I had.

Angela: Again, kind of using your headline, you can use imagery, right? Letting them know that you’re going live and why they should be watching. Asking if you’re really not going to feel good about zero people, ask a friend or a family member to watch if for no other reason than to give feedback. You guys’ll see my sister on here all the time. She’s like my handler, right? Afterwards she’ll be like don’t do this or do that and she’s my sister so she can say things that really help me.

Scott: And has a really objective point of view.

Angela: Yeah.

Scott: Yeah.

Angela: So Carol wants to know a good length for a video and actually we’re about to wrap up here. We feel over ten minutes. I feel like 14 to 16 is kind of where you should wrap up, but where you should really wrap up is when you stop getting engagement, when people start falling off, and also when you’re information starts to feel forced. So, I don’t know what the latest statistic is. We had a video that was 30 minutes.

Scott: Facebook says, again this depends on target audience and all that stuff, but Facebook says greater than ten. Greater than ten minutes.

Angela: Greater than ten minutes, which actually is an important point because if you’re coming on and doing two to four minute videos live and you’re not getting engagement, you should consider switching those videos to prerecorded videos and keeping your live videos interactive and longer.

Scott: Yeah. And for Carol, in our experience when we looked at our analytics it was surprising. I was actually surprised. Like some of our videos have run to 30 minutes. I don’t think videos should be longer than 22 minutes. That’s probably the old TV guy in me. Twenty-two minutes seems like a really solid length of time.

Angela: Carol will appreciate that.

Scott: But we had one that was about 30 minutes and we went back and looked at the analytics and you can just see it on the chart when people logged in, they started watching, started watching, started watching, and we maintained that viewership right to the end of the 30 minute video and I was surprised because I get to about 20 minutes and I’m like I want to wrap this up. People are probably bored. They don’t want to hear me talk anymore and that’s actually not the case at all.

Angela: Well, the other side of that is people aren’t coming in at minute zero. So it’s not that people are actually watching for 30 minutes. They might, I think we peak around eight minutes.

Scott: That’s true.

Angela: So if our video is ten minutes long, we actually only have people for two minutes. So, yeah, this hour’s 22 minutes. So, sorry. I’m just reading Carol. She said that makes so much sense. So people aren’t coming in at minute one or minute two. Most people don’t come in and again, that’s by looking at our analytics because we’re using our business page. You can’t see that if you’re doing all of this on your personal page, but we can see that people are coming in around four to eight minutes and they’re sticking around. They’re not watching the whole 30, they’re only watching that last ten or twelve minutes, so that’s why ours are typically 22.

Scott: And don’t worry about, we we’re talking about the first few minutes. Don’t worry about giving away a lot of the value up front. Those people who tuned in and were like “Oh, this is good information.” They’re going to go back. They’re going to watch the beginning of the replay up to the point where they logged in, so don’t worry about it.

Angela: Yeah. So we have one more tip and then we are running, well, we’re not running out of time, but we’re actually, we’ve gone over our 22 minutes.

Scott: Yeah.

Angela: So, the tip is to embed your live video in your blog.

Scott: Yeah, did you know you could do that? It’s pretty cool.

Angela: Yeah. So, you can actually, what we do is once we’re finished, right away, same day, we send our video out to get transcribed. You can do this on Fiver. Who do we use now?

Scott: I think Karen Clark liked them and it’s called R-E-V dot com. And it’s not cheap but it’s certainly not expensive. I think it’s a dollar a minute US. So we send our 30 minute videos to and they transcribe our videos and they send it back. It says when Ange speaks and when I speak. So now we’ve got that text or that transcription and so I go to the blog. I go to my WordPress blog and I put that transcription right in my WordPress blog. That way Google can, the Google spiders can read it and then they can serve that people when they’re searching certain things, but at the top of it we embed our live video and it’s actually, I think it’s easy to do.

Angela: Yeah.

Scott: And it’s quite straightforward. I’m actually going to do a video on that to show people how to do it because it is really easy to do. So if you go to you’ll see our blog site there and you’ll see one of the live posts. Go to one of the live posts that I’ve done and you’ll see how these are embedded and it’s really cool. When people are actually watching it my website or our website, they can hit “love”, they can comment, they can engage right with the video right on the website as well. So that’s really cool. That’s a really cool tip. I’ll be doing a video for that.

Angela: Yeah. I want to say hi to Penny who’s just joined us.

Scott: Oh, hey Penny.

Angela: Thanks so much for joining and Penny I know you do Live videos in closed groups and that’s a real interesting way to use live video, right? So, and Penny correct me if I’m wrong, but you do have, you have a closed group. You have clients and you’ll do like a Facebook Live chat with them and you use Facebook for that, so I think Facebook Live can be used publicly, when you’re giving away your free value, when you just want to help the masses or when you have something to share with the masses, but it can also be used in very specific groups like if you have a group of paid clients, and it’s … People use Zoom, people use other things but Facebook Live is also a great way to engage with a very, very select, of inner circle people who will really, really engage with you and again knowing that … Some of the rules still apply, though, right? The consistent day, time, knowing what you’re going talk about ahead of time. So, that’s it. That’s it for us.

Scott: Yeah.

Angela: What about next week?

Scott: So I got thrown off there. So next week, I wanted to just let everyone know. A lot of you have seen our free production guide. It’s a guide that gives you some tips on just getting better video as far as lighting, sound, framing, all that fun stuff. I think there’s nine tips, it might be 11 tips right now, but it’s in a production guide that we put together. A lot of you downloaded it. We’ve updated it with some new information. We’ve included some checklists and stuff that’s really cool. We’re going to be releasing that next week actually, releasing this week.

Angela: Yeah.

Scott: And for those of you that are interested just download it. You can get it from our website or you will be able to at and what we’re going to do our Facebook Live on next week is we’re going to go through that step by step guide and then you guys can ask us any questions live during our broadcast about that production guide and we’re also going to do something else next week. We’re going to move. This is our current set. We’re sitting behind a desk and our windows are there. There’s some light that spills through and there’s this sort of barrier between us and you, so we’re going to try something new. We’re going to sort of build a new sort of set that we’re going to shoot our Facebook Live videos in.

Angela: And that was something that my sister actually, what was one of her tips, right?

Scott: Yeah.

Angela: That was one of her tips from the beginning that we’re behind a desk, that we should be up higher.

Scott: Yeah.

Angela: That there’s just a different feel for that.

Scott: Yeah. And I think the other thing, and this is something that I’ve recognized from just the experience of doing videos, is I get really stressed out as I’m trying to get ready for these videos because this is my working desk, so my computer is often here. There’s sometimes a lot of stuff here and that we do use some daylight, lights just to balance out the lighting so we’re always moving that stuff around, and so the trick is with going live on Facebook or even shooting your videos, make it easy on yourself. Create a little space where you always shoot your videos if you’re having difficulty and it’s stressful for you.

So, that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to create a different space that it’s easy just to walk in, turn on the lights, put the camera up, roll the cameras because we’re doing this every week and then we’re also going to be doing our prerecorded seasons, our season two as well, plus all of our training videos that we’re going to be posting on our membership site. So there’s a lot of videos that we’re going to be producing. So, to have to redo a set up every time just doesn’t make sense, so watch out for that for next week.

Angela: Yeah, for sure. And that’s it. That’s it. Thank you everyone for joining in and if there’s something that you want to know about whether it’s live or prerecorded video, if there’s a question that you have, ask us and we will always respond if maybe we’ll even do a video about it and I actually want to give them, I know it’s going to be backwards because we’re live but for next week, like Scott said, we’re going through our production guide and I want to give them …

Scott: And we should include that in the guide.

Angela: Well, this is in the guide.

Scott: Okay.

Angela: So, I want to give them a sneak peek even though they can’t see it because it’s …

Scott: I think it’ll be backwards.

Angela: It’s backwards. But we’re going to give you a live checklist, a prerecorded checklist and it actually, the last page of the guide is a sign that you can photocopy that says “Recording Video. Please do not disturb.” Because I think that’s really important for people to know, so [crosstalk 00:30:32].

Scott: Getting lots of hearts from Penny. Thanks Penny.

Angela: So, yeah. So I’m excited about the updated guide. It’s got some actual useful tools. It’s not just, even the last three pages are great because it’s the checklist and the sign that you can hang. So with that, thank you everyone. Have a great week. We will see you next week and did I mention Jasmine that you’re coming to help us paint the new set? Thanks for helping. See you guys later.

Scott: Thanks Penny.

Angela: Take care. Bye Penny. Bye everyone. Bye Carol. Bye Tessa. Have a great day.