New leads and more exposure in a place you may have forgotten…

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LinkedIn… and their new native video application.


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Angela: We’re live. Here we are, Tuesday, October something.

Scott: October something, yeah. We’re almost at end of October. I can’t believe Halloween’s almost here. My microphone isn’t in. Let me get my microphone. Talk to everyone.

Angela: All right. Hi, everyone. I’m going to talk to you while Scott gets his microphone. We had a couple of unexpected glitches here today. One of them being the construction right outside of our window right there, right there. So pardon us while you hear buzzing and vibrating and beeping through this video today. We didn’t know.

Scott: Let me know that you can hear us okay. Normally I don’t if I’ve plugged the microphone in after I’ve started the broadcast but give me a thumbs up or let me know if you can hear us okay. As far as the noise outside that we … I wanted to address that as well as that when we do our smartphone video marketing seminar, we talk about going live and sometimes you don’t have control over your entire environment and there’s things that you got to … Noises that come up like firetrucks or construction right outside your window that your landlord forgot to tell you about. That’s what’s happening today. You just got to roll with it. Just acknowledge it and then move on. Can you hear that annoying buzzing?

Angela: That only lasts for 30 seconds.

Scott: Yeah.

Angela: There, it’s gone.

Scott: Anyway, what are we talking about today?

Angela: We are talking about LinkedIn. I know you hate when I refer to it as Facebook’s ugly stepchild but really LinkedIn I think is really kind of come down in social media and what people use and recently you and I have discovered some new things about LinkedIn that make so much sense when you’re dealing with business to business or when actually you’re just dealing with professionals, right? I mean, not even business to business but when you’re dealing with people who are professionals.

Scott: No, absolutely. I think that the key thing here is knowing your target audience and a lot of people I think are very quick to LinkedIn. I’m getting good results from Facebook and that’s where my target audience is. Are you sure? Maybe that’s just a story that you’re telling yourself. Now I know a lot of our clients, it’s true. Probably their target audience probably isn’t on LinkedIn but you need to know and it’d be actually a big mistake if you were actually overlooking a large group of people that might be on LinkedIn. I know definitely professionals like realtors, mortgage brokers.

Angela: Lawyers.

Scott: Lawyers, CEOs, people, if those are your target audience, you-

Angela: HR.

Scott: HR, definitely HR. If that’s some of your audience, you really need to be there and as Angela always says in her presentation you don’t go to a catholic church looking for Jewish people. But know your target audience and they might be on LinkedIn. So don’t discount it. So some of the differences, I mean, we’re going to talk about video and how this all relates to video in a second but just the differences in the platform. Facebook definitely a little more laid back, really, really broad, actually a lot of distractions of Facebook because it is so broad, it is not a professional network although people do business on Facebook.

Angela: Yeah.

Scott: LinkedIn, it’s much more focused. It is a professional platform. You’re not going to see, as Angela said this morning, cat dancing videos. You haven’t seen many cat dancing videos but they won’t be on LinkedIn but you will find them on Facebook.

Angela: Distractions, really. I think Facebook, I love Facebook by the way but I think there’s so many distractions. I don’t think I’m the only one out there who goes on to Facebook to look at a post or create a post or engage and an hour later you’re like, “What? Where did my time go?” Where I find with LinkedIn, you get in. You do what you need to do and you get out. You don’t stay in LinkedIn forever and ever. You have your engagements. You back and forth and you get out.

Scott: Yeah, no. Absolutely. So a couple of glitches with Facebook live this morning and I’m just concerned about some of the things I’m seeing here so I’m going to jump over to my company to make sure we actually are live. Do you want to tell them about-

Angela: I want to tell them a couple of new things about LinkedIn.

Scott: Yeah, sure.

Angela: Cool. So hashtags. I don’t know if you guys know this but LinkedIn actually utilizes since February of this year they’ve kind of rolled out using the whole hashtag thing in their algorithm I guess for lack of a better word right now as I’m distracted by Scott. But as of February 2017, LinkedIn, see I’m Facebook, I need to start thinking LinkedIn. But they actually use hashtags and they encourage people to use hashtags. But what’s even more exciting than that in the last three months is I think they started rolling it out three months ago is native posting so native video posting to LinkedIn. So before, you had to share a Vimeo link or a YouTube link or some type of other link, and sorry, I got hair on my face here. It’s bugging me. Now you can upload your videos natively to LinkedIn. LinkedIn love it. They’re serving videos to people. Not a lot of people are doing it yet so they’re really loving the content that’s there and that’s really new, the last three months, right?

Scott: Yeah, no. Absolutely. We’re talking about native video and the importance of native video and that’s why in the past we really only focused on teaching our clients Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram because those are your native video upload platforms. LinkedIn has always been, we know the importance of LinkedIn, but we haven’t put a lot of focus on it because of the lack of the native video upload. You always used to have to post a link so your YouTube video or Vimeo and that was pretty much it but-

Angela: With any social media platform, whether it be Facebook or LinkedIn, they don’t love URLs. They don’t love when you take people out of their platforms.

Scott: No, they want you to stay on the platform.

Angela: So I think that’s why video marketing with LinkedIn isn’t as powerful few months ago as it is now.

Scott: Yeah, no. Absolutely. For those of you who don’t know much about native video, that’s where you actually take your video that you record on your phone and you actually give it to the platform instead of posting a link. But some of the benefits, it’s the same as Facebook. The algorithms that decide what post to put up first in people’s newsfeeds, with the native video, the algorithms favor that and they will push it higher. Because it’s native, you’re going to get more engagement, more comments, more likes. You also get much better stats and insights where you can see and I’ve noticed on LinkedIn, you can sort of see who and in what industries are actually engaged with your videos and watching your videos.

Angela: Yeah, I love that.

Scott: I expect that to get a lot better as native video becomes more … As they continue to release the features with native video. There’s some limitations to native video on LinkedIn.

Angela: Right now.

Scott: Right now. Ange did a very smart thing, if you don’t know something or you want to know something, just ask. So I could tell you about the limitations with native video with LinkedIn, 10 minutes, you’re limited to 10 minutes. That’s probably going to stay there for quite a while. As usual, obviously you want your videos less than two minutes to get maximum bang but some of the limits are you can only use native video, you can only do upload … You can only upload native videos through your smartphone app so through your iPhone or through your Android device. You cannot do it from the desktop platform yet. That will change. You can also only upload it to your profile page, your personal profile page. You cannot do it to your company page yet. That will also likely change. That’s what Ange called about, “When are we going to be able to upload native company videos?”

Angela: Because we’re seeing it. We’re seeing it already.

Scott: Because we’re seeing it. Yeah, some of the big companies. You see someone else’s posts and it’s like, “That’s a native video,” and so it didn’t make sense to us. So we called and basically like all these social media platforms, they roll out these features slowly so they are rolling that out. We don’t have access to it yet but some of the bigger guys do and then slowly everyone’s going to get access to this feature but it’s a pretty powerful feature. If your audience is hanging out on LinkedIn, you definitely need to be doing native videos. So that was the main limitations. Ange touched on this before and I think this is really important with LinkedIn and native video ads. When you go on to LinkedIn, you’re not seeing a lot of sort of face to camera trust building videos that we talk so much about and you see so much of it now on Facebook and Twitter.

Angela: Selfie videos.

Scott: Selfie videos as someone called it the other day. So if you beat your competition to this, you’re really going to put yourself out there in front of them. If you’re a realtor and you’re on LinkedIn, you’re not really getting results, you’re probably not seeing a lot of realtors putting these types of videos on LinkedIn right now. So if you’re going to be the first one to start implementing this as a marketing strategy for you, it’s going to work very, very well for you. I’m now paying more and more attention to LinkedIn. It’s always been on the side. I know my clients. Some of them swear by LinkedIn but it’s never been a powerful platform for video because it was always taking people away to LinkedIn but now I’m very interested.

Both Ange and I are very interested and now we’re on LinkedIn everyday, what’s going on, who’s posting videos and how do you do this, what’s the premium upgrades and how does all this work and how does a company page work and now how do you sponsor, how do you promote your videos inside LinkedIn which tip can only use acompany so that’s why we want to know when are they going to release the company native videos because that’s what’s going to be really, really powerful because that’s what’s powerful about Facebook right now. So we’re really looking forward to that feature. But if no one’s doing this, beat your competition to the punch. Get on LinkedIn, start doing some native videos, start building trust, start growing your influence on LinkedIn.

We’re very excited about it and you’re going to see if you go to LinkedIn and find Angela or I to the Video Power page, keep your eye on it because you’re going to see us polishing up those profiles and we’re going to start experimenting a lot with LinkedIn over the next the coming weeks because a lot of our target audience is on LinkedIn. Most of them, we know we’re on Facebook but there’s a big percentage of them that are on LinkedIn.

Angela: Yeah, yeah. For sure. For now, until they roll out business posts, just post it personally and share it to your business page. Make sure you’re engaging in both places, right? I think if you’re like us, I’m going to be brutally honest, we really forgot about LinkedIn. We really did.

Scott: Yeah.

Angela: I’m going to speak for myself here. I really forgot about LinkedIn because I was spending so much time on Facebook and I was getting so much engagement and recently we’ve been talking about LinkedIn and so we posted our first video and got a lot of really good traction. Like Scott said, the insights is really cool. I noticed that right away on my video. I’m like, “I could see the different industries who were there.” We don’t have LinkedIn premium although I think we’re going to do some experimenting with it so I imagine it even is that much better with LinkedIn so excited about that change. So we’ve got a couple of people on and I don’t know if you were here for the beginning but we did … Oh, Karen hey.

Scott: Karen’s here.

Angela: How are you doing? We’ve got some construction happening right outside our office so if you weren’t here for the beginning when we were apologizing for the noise, one thing we talked about with live is you can’t control your environment like you can with the prerecorded video. So is the audio okay? Can you hear us okay or do you find that the construction is way, way loud. We’re using a directional mic so it’s only kind of pointing this way and the construction’s that way hoping that it’s not too distracting today as we talk about what’s more important which is getting you noticed on LinkedIn.

Scott: Yeah, another cool feature that I uncovered this morning with native video on LinkedIn, Karen, as we’re talking about today is LinkedIn and how a lot of us are missing a big chunk of people on LinkedIn and with their addition of native video. Another cool thing. So go back and watch the video. Good, I can hear. Okay. Yeah, lots of good stuff in this video so you can go back to the beginning and watch it but another cool little thing that I discovered this morning is in your profile, your LinkedIn profile, you can have an about me video or your why video. Karen, you got a great why video so you can go on to LinkedIn but you got to do it on your mobile phone.

It’s still only supported by the mobile phone. If you go into your mobile phone and you go to your personal profile, you can then add your why video or your about me video as a native video right to your LinkedIn profile which is just a great thing to do. Again, it’s native so you’re going to be able to get a lot of those stats and more engagement with that video as well.

Angela: Yeah. Talking about engagement on LinkedIn. One thing that I’ve learned recently about LinkedIn is you know how you can see who’s looked at your profile, I don’t know if you guys know what I mean but it will say, “Seven people were looking at your profile this week.” Get premium to find out who they are but it will feed you a little bit of that information. So sometimes what happens is when we are looking at other people on LinkedIn, we go into anonymous mode. But kind of a little hack that I heard that I thought I would share is don’t be in anonymous mode. If you are in LinkedIn looking at people and looking at their … People want to know their profiles are being looked at, whatever the reason maybe.

But what happens is they get notified if you’re not in anonymous mode, they get notified you’re looking at their profile and what are they going to do? They’re going to now go look at your profile and see who you are. Again, they’re going to see your videos. They’re going to learn about what you do. So when you are creeping on LinkedIn, don’t be an anonymous. Just be out there and let people know who you are. Just a little hack.

Scott: Hey, Sylvia. Sylvia’s in there now too.

Angela: Hey, Sylvia.

Scott: Yeah, talking about LinkedIn and we talked about I always try and compare my video marketing to the television and movie industry and we talked about this at the seminar. I mean, you got to think about the different platforms like distribution network. You got Global and ABC and all the different channels. So if you have a TV show, why would you only have it on one network? Yeah, maybe you won’t get the same exposure on Global that you’re going to get on ABC but why would you put your show on Global? So with your two-minute marketing videos, why not put it on LinkedIn. You’re going to access more people and it really, really can’t hurt.

You’re already going through all the work of producing those other videos. You’re carving that time out and you’re creating that video. It’s your two-minute video. It’s on your phone. You’re going to upload it to Facebook. Once you’ve done that, go right into LinkedIn and do the same thing. Upload it to LinkedIn, write a great headline. It makes complete sense to me to be also utilizing LinkedIn as another distribution channel for your videos.

Angela: Don’t forget to jump in there once in a while and engage with the people who are engaging with your video who are liking it or sharing it, right? Because that can only add the momentum to getting that video seen.

Scott: Yeah. So we’re not LinkedIn experts but we’re going to become more LinkedIn-

Angela: Expertee?

Scott: Expertee over the next little while. We’re getting into November now. We got some big announcements coming up in November. We’re both very, very excited about that. So you’d be hearing about that over the coming weeks. Anyway, we’re almost out of time. I don’t know if anyone has any questions. It looks like there’s five.

Angela: Four, five people.

Scott: Four, five people in the room right now. If you got any questions … Penny’s there. Getting some hearts from Penny.

Angela: Love you too, Penny. You know what we should tell them?

Scott: What?

Angela: We’re moving.

Scott: Oh my God.

Angela: So I’m on this chair today. Just so you know, I’m moving around in it which is like-

Scott: Yeah, we’re on spinning chairs.

Angela: We’re on spinning chairs today instead of our high director’s chairs and we’re lower because we’re moving. So some of our stuff is at our new place and some of our stuff is here and actually our final move date is next Tuesday so our live next week is going to be in our new bigger, better, badder studio which I’m super excited about. We’re still staying in Hespeler. We love Hespeler. Sorry as I kicked the camera. We love Hespeler. We love our Hespeler peeps. We love all of our peeps but we are staying in Hespeler, just down the road. We’re super excited about that move. If anyone remembers when we did our original why videos back last October, Karen that’s where you did yours. That room is now ours. Penny, I think you were there as well.

Scott: Yeah, Penny was there too.

Angela: Yeah, I’m super excited to have that space because it is bigger and more open and we’ll be able to really utilize it to better serve people plus it’s just nicer.

Scott: Yeah, no. It is nicer. More space and this construction we got today, apparently it’s five weeks so I’m really happy we’re actually moving in a week. But we’re really excited about the new space. It is a lot bigger. We might even do some of our training there, some of our seminars and some of our round table stuff at this new place. Yeah, we’re just in the middle of painting and we’re just waiting for a wall to go up. There’s one wall to go up. But anyway, we should probably wind it up.

Angela: With that, please go onto LinkedIn and connect with us. Connect with, still, Blue Lizard Productions on LinkedIn. Connect with Scott.

Scott: And Video Power Up.

Angela: Yeah, we’ve got both?

Scott: Video Power Up’s there. You don’t know that?

Angela: My gosh. We’re live. Go on to LinkedIn and connect with us. So Video Power Up, Blue Lizard, Angela, Scott, one, all four, pick two, whatever. But we’d love for you to connect on LinkedIn. Post your video. Share them with us. If you have any questions about video marketing, you can post them here or private message us and we will always answer your questions.

Scott: All right. Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you next week.

Angela: Take care.