Own Your Day Travel

Travel Agent Video Marketing Program


Own Your Day Travel

Travel Agent Video Marketing Program

A step-by-step live online 4-week course built exclusively for travel agents.

This course will help you create video content to grow your online presence, build connections and through that process you will grow your business by attracting the RIGHT client to you.

What we’ll teach you:

Week One

We will look at and de-construct existing travel videos so we can be clear on what makes for interesting media, talk about our specific niche, and types of pre-recorded marketing videos as well as review the foundations of DIY video making (using your smartphone or webcam).

Week Two

We will walk through the process of script writing, the difference between a sales video and a marketing video (and when and how often to post each). You will have all the tools to complete your homework: filming with homework to create a DIY marketing video.

Week Three

We will be learning some really basic editing techniques using a simple (and FREE) software.  This will allow you to film using multiple tries of your script, add in additional photos and videos from your travels.  Homework will be assigned to make sure you understand and practice basic editing principles.

Week Four

This week we will talk about where your audience hangs out on on social. This will narrow down which social channel you should focus your efforts on based on your niche, as well as how and when to post. We will also do a final review of videos with any Q&A's.

Once completed, each participant will have the opportunity within 2 weeks of completing the course, to book a 30 minute one-on-one session with me to take your script, help you record it and gather the right images/video, which I will edit for you and deliver a fully complete video ready to post and share on social to give you extra exposure online. 


When: Tuesdays starting Tuesday Sept 15th 7pm-8:30pm (it is imperative to attend all 4 classes as it’s very hands on)

Where: Zoom (online)

Investment: $127 plus HST


“fill in the blank” script for fam travel

Checklist to help you film your fam

Handpicked travel video kit list

Small group online class – Max 10 participants

Registration fee discounted 75% for Sept start date only

The option to receive 1 fully complete video to share on social

Note: In order to run this class, there will be a requirement of a minimum of 8 participants – if the minimum is not reached, you will receive a full refund.