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Anytime Virtual Video Recording Session


Small business owners and entrepreneurs can book a 30-minute virtual (online via Zoom Video Meeting) video recording session to produce a single video at a fraction of the cost than if they were to go to a video production company.

In additional to the videotaping session, you may want to speak with us about your script prior to the videotaping session. You may also want a teleprompter to nail your script verbatim.

Please choose a preferred morning, afternoon or evening videotaping session. We will determine the date based on our mutual availability.


Maybe you need a series of videos to promote your business on social media, or a sales video… or even just an About Me video for your website, we’re here to help you get it produced professionally.

Booking fee includes:

  • Thirty (30) minute video recording session done online via Zoom Meeting. I work with you to virtually film our conversation.
  • I take that video and edit out the best parts of you and complete a video you can use on your website or social media
  • Delivery of final video is online


We film online, so you can be anywhere with a strong internet connection. and HD webcam (1080p), or even from your cell phone with a 1080 camera setting.

Note: An HD webcam (1080p), or even from your cell phone with a 1080 camera setting. .