Production Services

Although our mission is to empower small business owners and entrepreneurs like you to create your own videos that get real results, sometimes you might be looking for something more professional, or you don’t have the time and you need us to provide a solution that can get your videos out there working for you… faster. We have a few different options; from our pop-up video studio, to an entire season of professional produced videos distributed for you, to a custom video with actors, sets, teleprompters, lights… or whatever you envision for your video.

Pop-up Video Studio

$197 Per Video

Want to book a 15 minute time slot with us where you walk into a pre-lit set and have us record your video for you on a professional camera? Then edit it with multiple shot sizes, and include your logo and some royalty-free music? This is the production package for you! You’ll also be sent an online training video on how to prepare for the shoot, followed by another on how to get your video out there on social media after it’s been delivered, working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Production Package

$997 Monthly

Time is one of the biggest challenges for most small business owners and finding enough of it to develop, create and distribute your videos online each week can be difficult for many, which is why we’ve developed this Production Package.

We book a day with you where we come to you in the morning and develop your entire first season of 12 episodes, and then we professional record them in the afternoon. We then take the footage back to our studio and edit it all with multiple shot sizes, and include your logo and some royalty-free music… and then! We set them up to be distributed each week across all your social media platforms for the follow 12 weeks… automagically! You don’t need to do a thing.

Then 3 months later, we do it all again for your second season and your next 12 episodes. Pretty cool, right?

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Custom Video Production

Starting at $2500

Some of you may still not have found the video production solution your looking for on this website, because you’re actually looking for a custom video production. You have a vision and you need someone to help execute that vision. We get it. This is what we have been doing for the past 10 years through our production company Blue Lizard Productions.

It’s best to setup a discover meeting with us so we can discover your needs and then put together a proposal for you. Check out our Blue Lizard Productions website to learn more about our “other” business.

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