How To Grow Your Business By Creating and Sharing Simple Marketing Videos, Using Only Your Smartphone

At This FREE 2-Hour Presentation, We'll Share with You Our 5-Step Process to Creating Marketing Videos That Get Results

Smartphone Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Join us for our FREE two-hour presentation where we'll show you not why you should be doing video marketing for your small business on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, but how... using only your smartphone. We've made the process unbelievable easy for you. Find a presentation below that works for you and we'll see you there!

  • STEP ONE: First, we dive into marketing and discuss you, after all you are your most important marketing tool. We then cover the art of speaking the same language as your target audience.
  • STEP TWO: Then we get into scripting. We’ll walk you through a simple content creation process and a way to outline your videos, so that you’re target audience will be engaged and want to take action at the end of your video. And we also have some great worksheets you can use.
  • STEP THREE: We’ll show you how to use only your smartphone to produce professional looking videos; we’ll cover things like getting steady shots, good lighting and quality sound.
  • STEP FOUR: Next, we show you how to get your video off your smartphone, and onto social media, like Facebook and Twitter, and get your videos seen by more than just your family and friends.
  • STEP FIVE: And finally, the last step, testing and measuring your videos. We show you how to use insights and analytics to see what is working, and what isn’t working, so you can constantly be improving your marketing videos and do more of what is working.
Anne Marie Heinrichs Anne Marie Heinrichs, AMI Business Solutions

Great presentation about doing your own videos. I would highly recommend attending if you get a chance and I'm really looking forward to the full day seminar!

Stephanie Birt Stephanie Birt, Blue Ocean Office Supplies & Solutions

Scott and Angela are extremely professional while still being fun and engaging. Their work is outstanding and I would recommend them over and over.

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