Talking about iPhones, Smove and a Special Offer!

Angela and Scott, were live on their Video Power Up Facebook Page, where they shared their perspective.


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Angela: Welcome. Tuesday, where are we? Somewhere in November.

Scott: We are.

Angela: It’s like November 21st.

Scott: It is. Santa Claus parades in Toronto, there’s the big one on the weekend.

Angela: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Well, Cambridge.

Scott: And Cambridge.

Angela: And I think Kitchener, too.

Scott: Yeah, there were a lot of them over the weekend.

Angela: Yeah, I just can’t believe where the time has flied. I feel like last week we were just doing like, “It’s September and we’re doing live!”

Scott: Yeah.

Angela: But here we are in November. And what are we talking about today?

Scott: Today we are talking about iPhones, and a couple other phones, too, actually. And we’re shooting today on an iPhone 8 Plus, which we just picked up from Best Buy yesterday. And we wanted to talk a bit about the iPhone. And both Angela and I were both using Android phones, Samsung phones, and what we kept running into … I used to be an iPhone guy. And what we kept running into in a lot of our seminars and training is questions about iPhones. And I actually like the iPhone. I switched to an Android just to experience what that was like, but I am ready to go back.

And we thought it was important, since we’re working with so many small business owners who are …

Angela: Sorry, what?

Scott: That’s really distracting.

Angela: I know, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.

Scott: She’s watching our live on her phone.

Angela: I didn’t mean to. Hey, look, we’re live!

Scott: So we get a lot of questions about the iPhone. And we thought it was really important that one of us be on the iPhone and one of us be on the Android, so we can thoroughly understand what that experience is like. And I thought that I knew. But actually, so much has changed on the iPhone. And there’s so much more we’re doing with video now on the phones, that getting into the iPhone even this morning and getting it set up was a different experience.

So I think it’s really good that we have the iPhone now. Something as simple as turning off your notifications … So on an Android, you just swipe down, you hit it once, it goes into silent. You hit it again, it turns off the vibration mode. On the iPhone, it’s not so simple. It’s the switch, it’s a physical switch on the side of the phone which puts it into silent mode. But it will still vibrate. So you’ve actually got to go into your settings and then turn off the vibration inside the menu.

So that was one tiny little thing, but it-

Angela: I thought Siri was really smart. I thought I could just be like, “Hey Siri, do this.”

Scott: Well, yeah, I have to spend more time with Siri, because even with the Android devices, using theirs as well … But, so I think it was a really good decision, because already I’m learning stuff about the iPhone. This was the other big thing with a brand new iPhone, is this is the tiny little quarter inch jack that most headphones plug into. The new iPhones don’t have that. They have the lightning port, and it looks … Some of you might be familiar with it. It looks like that.

So all the devices that we have, like our little mini shotgun mic, that plug into the iPhone don’t actually fit now. So you need this little adapter. But it’s on a cable, so now my shotgun will hang. So the shotgun won’t necessarily work on this phone. So we’ll have to find another solution. And I know there will be another solution out there.

Hey Yasmine. So what else was I going to say about that? Oh yeah. So today we’re not using any audio. We really wanted to test the iPhone’s built-in microphone capabilities. So that’s all we’re using today is the built-in audio. So let me know how it sounds. It’s probably a little echo-y, I’m assuming. The HVAC unit isn’t on right now, but when that kicks in it might get a little louder. But, so that’s where we are about the iPhone.

Angela: Yeah, yeah. So if you can hear us and it sounds great, just give us a thumbs up or say, “Sounds good.” Or if it sounds really crappy, say, “You guys sound like crap,” so we know. And what about the picture? Does it look the same as it did when we were using out Samsung? Does it look different? Does it look sharper? Can you tell a difference? I’m actually interested in knowing, for the people who watch this every week.

Scott: I suspect that it will be the same.

Angela: I do too.

Scott: Because I think with the live videos, it definitely goes through Facebook, and then they alter the bandwidth that’s being used up for those videos as well. Although color might be a difference in exposure. We ran into some exposure issues this morning. We’re going to talk about that in another video, because it’s a general issue. If you’re shooting against a completely white wall, or black wall, or dark wall, how that affects the exposure on your face. But we’re going to talk about that another day.

Angela: Mixing lights.

Scott: Yeah, and mixing color temperature of lights.

Angela: We spent a lot of time today … I’m gonna be honest. We spent a lot of time just not happy with … Because we’re at the new office, right? So there’s things like the lighting that’s slightly different, and there’s no natural light at all in here. And so it’s been a struggle going from an office that had some natural light, and we always had that look, to having no natural light.

So we’re interested in moving forward and finding a really good solution, so that we, again, that we can share that. Because we talk about natural light being the very best thing. But when you don’t have natural light … We’ve got these great lights that we use, and they’re good, but I find without that little extra bit of natural light, it’s just not as good.

Scott: Mm-hmm (affirmative). And with the live videos … I thought we weren’t going to talk about this today, but apparently we are. With live videos, you don’t have the same control. Like if you’re doing a pre-recorded video, you can actually set the exposure level and sort of lock it in, whereas live videos, you kind of just have to go with what the app is giving you. For instance, Facebook, it’s all built in right into their app how it’s recorded. So you’ve kind of got to live with what you’ve got, and try and make it work the best way you can.

But I really do want to do a full video on that at another time. But you brought up something about some of the other phones. We’re talking about the iPhone, and we both come from the Android, Samsung world. But there is other options out there.

Angela: But I don’t know anyone who’s using them. Well the Google Pixel.

Scott: Right.

Angela: I’m actually hearing a lot about it, and I’m reading a lot of really good reviews. But I don’t know a single person who has one. Everyone I know, I would say 99% of the people we know fall into either Samsung or iPhone. And then, well maybe not 99%. Let’s say 90%.

Scott: It’s pretty close, I mean …

Angela: There are a few Blackberry people still out there.

Scott: A few Blackberries, a few Sonys, I see a few Sonys.

Angela: HTC.

Scott: The other day … HTC, but really rare. The market share that Apple and Samsung have over devices is insane. And then the market share that Android has and iOS, that’s pretty much the only way to go now. Blackberry, I don’t even know if they’re still putting their operating system on phones anymore.

But the one phone that I want to bring up, because this came up the other day, someone had a Lenovo phone, very rare. And we were teaching our seminar, and in the phones, when you go into your gallery, sometimes you can edit your videos. We talk about trimming your videos. And with the Lenovo phone, the built-in app for editing pictures and videos, you can’t trim your videos. So even though that phone’s running Android, you’d have to download a third-party app.

Depending on the phone that you have and what some of the built-in apps do or don’t do, it could limit you. But I’d say the safest bet is an iPhone or an Apple product, or definitely a Samsung Android. That’s definitely the way to go. There is other great phones out there, but those two products, as far as producing marketing videos for business, those are the two phones and operating systems that you probably want to go with.

Angela: Yeah. So if you don’t have an iPhone and you don’t have a Samsung, comment. I want to know what you have. I want to know what you’re using. And if you’ve been to any of our free seminars, does everything work that we use on our Samsung? Does everything we teach work on your phone, or are you having problems? Let us know.

Scott: Yeah.

Angela: Technology. I’m going to move, I’m going to move. I’m going to move right to our next piece of technology. Because people have been asking, actually, almost every seminar we do about something called the SMOVE. How would you best describe what the SMOVE is? I know I have my way of describing it, but …

Scott: It’s a gimbal. This came up the other day. What do you call … It’s a gimbal. So in the film business, steadycams where they put a camera on a device and it sort of harnesses to the camera operator’s body, and he can walk through scenes or whatever, and the camera shot’s really, really stable … I think the first use of it was in the film The Shining, a Stanley Kubrick film. I think. If I’m wrong, tell me I’m wrong. But I’m pretty sure I’m right about that. But it was a really, really cool device that enabled people to get a really, really steady shot without having to put their big, giant film cameras on a dolly or just lock it down in a tripod. Because sometimes you want a moving shot.

And the way that worked was there was a gimbal built right into that device. And a lot has happened since then. These sort of gimbals, or camera stabilization devices, have been getting smaller and smaller. And they’re so small now that they’ve made them for a smartphone, where you can put your smartphone on a gimbal. We don’t have one here today, but we will.

Angela: But I ordered one, and it’s coming. And it’s funny, because people have been asking. And it’s called SMOVE, this particular one. There’s other ones, other brands. Is it DJ …

Scott: DGI has one.

Angela: There’s a few other ones.

Scott: Yeah.

Angela: But the one I ordered was the SMOVE. And the reason I ordered the SMOVE is because it has great reviews, and it’s really economical. Because any time we want to invest in new equipment, we’re not looking at investing it from a production company point of view. We’re looking at investing in things that the everyday small business person can buy. So why buy a $500 gimbal when there’s $150 one out there? $150 US. But $150 US for this, SMOVE.

Scott: It’s a little more than … When we usually recommend products, we try and get them under $100. But $150 is actually, I think, is really reasonable. I can’t even see that price actually going down from that. Because I think the next step up is you’re looking at almost $400, probably $500 Canadian to get into a product like that.

Angela: Yeah. And so we’ve got ours on its way. But you know the other thing that I always tell the clients that we’re working with to teach them smartphone video marketing is most of the videos you’re going to do are going to be on a tripod. We talked about stabilization, because when you move around too much, it can be really distracting.

So I think one of the reasons we haven’t gotten the SMOVE yet, even though people have asked us, is because you have to have a purpose. I just don’t buy cool gadgets. I don’t. I know some people do. Some people are really into gadgets, and they want the latest greatest and the coolest. For me, it’s like what is going to work? Right? What’s going to work? What’s going to work for my business? What’s going to work for your business?

Hello, Amanda! Well, funny that Amanda should be jumping on because Amanda …

Scott: Does she know that you got this?

Angela: Amanda does not know I’ve got the SMOVE. So the SMOVE basically is something that you put your smartphone on, and you can walk around. And it makes the picture really, really smooth. And the reason I got it is because I’m helping someone out. We’re doing some filming on location, and we are going to be doing some walkthroughs of hotels.

Scott: On location.

Angela: On location.

Scott: In Barbados.

Angela: In Barbados.

Scott: Yes, and I’m not going.

Angela: I’ve got to work hard that week, just so you know.

Scott: Yeah, you and Amanda have to work hard.

Angela: Right Amanda? We’ve got to work hard.

So I got the SMOVE, because it actually works, it will work for Amanda. Right? The SMOVE, I’m bringing with us. But if it works, I’m going to recommend … If it works, and she’ll know, it might be something that she might want to invest in. Because Amanda is a travel agent, and a lot of her videos are on location in places overseas, looking at hotels, looking at the pool. And so that shaky cam isn’t as great. So for her application, it works.

Scott: There’s a lot of hashtags coming up.

Angela: Hashtag pina colada.

Scott: The nature of what Amanda does in the business, you really want to show places or locations. And that’s really hard to do with a static image. I mean, this obviously a static image, face to camera, delivering valuable information is the way to go. But there is some of you, and Amanda’s the perfect example, where she might want to do videos demonstrating a location where you want to do a walkthrough. And you really want that steady image. And maybe not get a drone flying up in the air, because that’s actually, that’s conversation for another time.

Angela: Yeah, you can’t even bring a drone to some countries.

Scott: Yeah, so SMOVE is really cool. I’m really actually excited that Angela and Amanda are going to test that out down there in Barbados. And I’m looking forward to seeing that footage.

Angela: Yeah, yeah. And we’ll have footage of us taking footage.

Scott: Yeah, no, that’ll be cool. You could do that. If you could do a review while you’re down there on the beach with your pina coladas, work not work.

Angela: Yes, I will. It’s going to be hard work in Barbados. And Amanda’s running a marathon, too, just so you all know. Five … I think it’s a 5K.

So I think that’s it for gadgets today, right? There’s no other gadgets you wanted to talk about?

Scott: No, we just, yeah, we wanted to …

Angela: There’s one more.

Scott: What’s that?

Angela: What do you think about the clip-on lenses or smartphone? I’ve used a couple and I haven’t had great success, but I’m going to get a wide angle as well. I’m going to get a wide angle clip-on lens, and see how that works. Because again, Amanda will have to show hotel rooms. And it’s okay to pan across, but I’m going to get a wide angle clip-on lens. So we’ll see how that is, too.

Scott: Yeah. I think on Amazon, I’ve never tested them out. But I think you an get a mini-kit, and I think you have different lenses. You could have a wide angle, and then you could have a longer lens, or like a tighter shot as well. But yeah, you should totally bring that.

Angela: Extreme close-ups, I think it’s like a macro lens almost you can get. So yeah, super excited about that.

Before we go, we actually have a really cool announcement. So those of you who’ve been coming to our free workshops already know about this, because we offer it every time we do a free workshop. And by the way, there’s two free workshops coming up, one in Cambridge, one in Kitchener

Scott: Wednesday night and …

Angela: Next Tuesday? I don’t know.

Scott: No, it’s Monday, Monday night. No, Monday.

Angela: Monday day.

Scott: At like 10:30. Anyway, it’s on the website The page is there.

Angela: So we do a two-hour free seminar that teaches people kind of in five quick steps how to do marketing using your smartphone, and do it yourself. And so people who’ve attended this free event already know about this. But this is actually the first public time we’ve talked about it.

And so last summer, to make a really short story long, last summer we did a one-day workshop. And it was to teach people how to use their smartphone in a really in-depth, with their computers, with their smartphones, we walked through it. So at the end of the day, everybody had a video. And that was really great, but what we found was it wasn’t actually enough time. So we went back to the drawing board, and we’ve come up with a whole series.

So we talk about marketing, scripting, producing, lighting, filming, everything. We actually have a course on simple video editing using cloud-based software.

Scott: Yeah, where you can add a logo and music, really cool, fun stuff.

Angela: But basic, nothing too complicated. Nothing that’s going to be over anyone’s head.

Scott: No.

Angela: Some Facebook Live hacks, we’ve got a half a day on that. The other videos, the ones that we don’t go in depth in here, we talk about how to position your sales video, your testimonial videos, your about me video. And we are doing this in a 12-month course. And this is the first time we’re actually offering it publicly, without someone being in front of us. And we’re opening the doors next week.

Scott: But only for five days.

Angela: Only for five days.

Scott: Yeah, so basically, we’re offering it at $97. It’s $97 a month, and you can cancel at any time. But it is $97 a month. Normally $127, but for one week … Because the first workshop’s actually December 11th. So make sure you’re available for that one. Because that’s the flagship, the video star system. That’s the full-day workshop where you’re going to get a lot of knowledge.

But it’s only five days. The window to get into this program’s only five days. So it opens next Monday, and it closes on Friday or Sunday. I’m pretty sure it’s maybe even Sunday night. But it’s just a window. We just wanted to extend that opportunity to a lot of other people, or fans, or followers. People who’ve been watching our live videos or watching our pre=recorded videos.

But we want to limit it. We’ve only got so many spots left. I think there’s 22 spots left right now. But the doors will open on that on Monday of next week.

Angela: And then they close forever. Well not forever, but for this round. Right?

Scott: Yeah.

Angela: Yeah, for this round …

Scott: But we’re really excited about it. And right now, we’ve got a small group of people. And that’s what’s great about it. I secretly don’t want to sell out the 22. I really like working really closely with people, like really one on one, making sure they really get it. The last thing I want is people to come and spend a whole day in there, go, “That was great,” and then not apply what they’ve learned.

So it’s really important for Angela and I, between the two of us, to work very closely with people at these workshops.

Angela: It is, it is. So we’re super excited. Not only do you get a series of workshops, actually twice a month you get to pick our brain through open business hours on Zoom.

Scott: Oh yeah, there’s so many cool steps. Yeah, so there’s an online component as well, where there’s all these online courses. Like how to put in subtitles, how to do Facebook video ads. This is all online courses that you can take. That’s included with it as well. And the Monthly Mastermind, where if you want you can be in a hot seat. And it’s a live video call, and we go through your marketing and some of the challenges you’re having with it. And not online will we give you feedback, but other people in the community give you feedback as well.

Open Office Hours is really cool. Angela and I are just available. You can just drop in and ask us any of your video marketing questions.

Angela: Drop in like online.

Scott: Video, yeah.

Angela: I mean I guess you could drop in here as long as we’re here.

Scott: Yeah, as long as we’re here. As long as it’s around the same time.

Angela: Yeah.

Scott: But anyway, we’re really excited. These are some really exciting stuff for Angela and I as we take our business in a new direction. And we’re pretty stoked about it.

Angela: So keep your eye on that. It’s not open yet, you won’t be able to find it anywhere. There’s gonna be no link below to find that information, because that’s not going to be released until next week. But we just wanted to give you guys the inside scoop.

Scott: Yes.

Angela: So that’s it for us. We will see you guys next week Tuesday, and then Wednesday I’m off to Barbados with Amanda, super pumped.

Scott: I’ll be here working.

Angela: You’ll be here working? I’ll be there working. It’ll be exactly the same kind of work, too. So we will see you next week before I go. Until then, take care. And if you have any questions about video marketing, make sure to post them below. And we can either answer them, or maybe we’ll make them the subject of our next live or pre-recorded video.

Scott: Yeah, absolutely.

Angela: Take care, everyone.

Scott: Okay, thanks for tuning in.