This is the #1 Cause Of Motion Sickness … On Social Media!

[su_spacer]This tip that I’m going to give you could make a huge difference between your video looking completely amateur and professional, and it’s image stabilization. So, what is image stabilization?

Really, what I’m saying is get yourself a tripod. You could get yourself something like this, a desktop model, this is specifically for smart phones and your phone goes right in this little gadget here.

And that goes on your desk, the legs on this one even extend and these are readily available online. Wal-Mart’s, Henry’s, Amazon, lots of choices there. But my favorite tip is for any of you who used to have a handycam and maybe have an old tripod collecting dust in your closet go get that tripod out. Because you can get one of these from The Dollar Store. This is just a selfie-stick, the camera goes in here. But what’s really neat is you can take this off and as I fit it in here on the tripod it’s universal.

The thread that goes into your tripod. So you just screw that on one of your old tripods and you are all set. You put your phone in, you set the height. You can get it as high as you want it.

If you are on a desk, this also sets on a desk. So this is my tip today, always use stabilization.

If you still have obstacles that are preventing you from doing video marketing, comment below. Let me know what your obstacle is and we’ll work through it together.