This is Why You Shouldn’t Be Just ‘SELLING’ on Facebook Over the Next Few Days, and What You Should Do Instead

Angela and Scott were live on their Video Power Up Facebook Page, where they shared their perspective.


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Angela: We are live. Come on in, Scott. We are live on Tuesday, December 19th.

Scott: That’s right.

Angela: Can you believe how many more days till Christmas?

Scott: I can’t, no, I can’t.

Angela: You don’t even want to count those days, right?

Scott: That’s right.

Angela: I’m going to, six more days.

Scott: six more days.

Angela: Six more days till Christmas. I don’t know if you celebrate Christmas, or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, or whatever you celebrate, but happy holidays, merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, happy Kwanzaa. Am I forgetting any?

Scott: There’s so many, I think you probably are, but I think you got the main ones.

Angela: Awesome, perfect. Well, welcome, everyone. That’s what this week’s episode is going to be about, isn’t it? It’s going to be a bit about Christmas and getting some last minute marketing in.

Scott: Yeah, and I think it’s almost just as important to talk about not what you should be doing, but what you shouldn’t be doing, when it comes to your video marketing, or actually any of your marketing over this week. People have been sold to so much over the last few weeks, right on from just prior to Black Friday, right on through to till … Well, it’s going to even continue on into Boxing day. It’s a really sell-y time of year, a very whiskery time of year, as we say. People are inundated with being sold to right now.

We were trying to decide what we would do our video on this morning, and we were just talking about it. We thought, one of the things that we teach is to not always be selling, but to work on your relationship with your target audience as well, and building that trust factor.

Angela: Gaining exposure for yourself.

Scott: Yeah, and gaining exposure, and getting yourself out there. I know some businesses, I can think of a few of our clients, right off the bat, where it is a very important selling time of the year. What we wanted to say today is don’t forget to not just always be selling. I realize that this time of year, you may need to make a harder push than other times of the year, but don’t forget to celebrate the holidays, and wish your clients, and colleagues, and future prospects happy holidays, merry Christmas, happy New Year. I think it’s really important to get that video message out there. You can be a little fun. We got our little hats on today.

Angela: Got my Christmas dress.

Scott: Yeah, she’s very excited, her Christmas dress came in today.

Angela: Santa. Can you guys see, Santa? Yes, it finally came in. A little late. Better late than never. It’s not after Christmas, so that’s okay.

Scott: It really is an exciting time of year. I know, for small business owners, for myself, anyway, there’s a couple of really important times of the year. Even what’s going on in development, what’s going on in your brain of how you’re going to develop your company, one time of the year is always back to school. We talked about that in September. Another is as we get closer to the New Year’s. We’re really focused on family, and friends, and celebrating. For a lot of us, it’s a very stressful time of the year, but January 1st, and typically, a lot of us set new goals for ourself.

I’m going to definitely take some time over the holidays to think about where I’m taking my business. I’ve got some great clients that we’re both working with this year. We’re really excited about finding success for them. I want to definitely thank those people for being part of our program, and wish them a happy New Year, merry Christmas.

Angela: Yeah, for sure. I was actually thinking, because we, obviously, we have different perspectives on things. I was thinking about Christmas, as well. I was thinking about how it is a great time to offer products or services for people who are looking to gift those things, but it’s also a really good time to give back. If you’re finding you’re getting really close to Christmas, and maybe you’ve got some extra inventory, or you’ve got something, maybe that thing is just a little bit of time. Maybe look out into your community and see who needs something. Maybe there’s a family who doesn’t have much that you could offer to donate some of your products and services. Obviously, not a ton, but to someone who needs it.

I was thinking about that. Christmas isn’t always an incredibly happy time for everybody, either. Be sensitive to that. Be able to reach out to your community and see who’s in need. You can do that through video marketing. Instead of saying, “Hey, I’ve got some more stuff to sell, and it’s last minute. Come get your gifts,” which, you can do it if that works for you. I’m not saying don’t, but another video message that might be really great to share is, “I have some extra inventory. If you know a family in need, please have them reach out to me.” Do that in a video, because it will be really shareable, but be authentic, obviously. If you don’t have inventory to give away, don’t do that.

It’s a great time of year for giving, too. Because we’re at the crunch, like Scott said, people are being inundated with the last-minute shopping opportunities. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear a message of giving? That’s my suggestion, this holiday year, as we get in. We’re kind of getting it. Well, we are. We’re getting into those last days before Christmas. A message of giving would be really powerful and create some great exposure for your business, but make you feel really good about giving back, even if it’s just a little tiny bit.

Scott: Yeah. No, absolutely. That’s a great idea. I think everyone, small businesses, should absolutely put a video message, doing a happy holidays, merry Christmas thing to everyone, but I really like your idea. If there is a charity or organization that you support, and you know that they need that support at this time of year, to throw that in there, as well. I can’t think of any offhand, but I know Food Bank, for instance, would be one. Ask for people to support that.

Angela: A lot of the shelters.

Scott: Yeah, a lot of the shelters. We talk about this quite a bit, as well. If you’re always out there, on social media, on video, and always marketing, and selling, and doing that stuff, even if you’re doing it very, very well, you’re not being sales-y about it, people still want to know that there’s a human being in there, a compassionate human being who cares about things. Whether it’s animals, people, or whatever your cause is. Maybe this is a good time of year to wish people merry Christmas and let them know about your cause. If they want to support that cause, this is how they do it. That’s actually a really nice Christmas message that people could put out there.

Angela: Mm-hmm (affirmative). For sure, for sure. For any of you watching, I want to know, what do you do to give back at Christmas time? Is there anything? It could just be within your own family. It doesn’t have to be this huge, big thing. I know a lot of people who watch our videos are small business owners, like a one-man show, where we really are two. We happened to be married, so we’re one man, one woman show. What is it that you do to give back? How do you create exposure for yourself in your community, but in positive ways that give back to your community? I’d love to know. If you could share that here, and we’d love to hear some of your comments, that would be awesome.

I know some people, instead of buying gifts for their family, they’ll do donations. We did that one year. Your whole family, we all got together, and I think we bought a goat.

Scott: We did. Yeah, World Vision, I think.

Angela: Yeah, a goat.

Scott: World Vision is a good one. You got to do your research, too. We’ve done a lot of research over the years into charitable organizations. Anyway, this video isn’t about that, but definitely make sure you know where your money is going, and make sure it’s not going to too much of the overhead, and the CEOs, and putting money in their pocket, but actually, the money actually going to support communities, build freshwater wells, or whatever it is. I think it’s important to do that research.

Angela: For sure, for sure. You mentioned it, you touched on it quickly, but the other great opportunity at Christmas time is to thank those who have helped you throughout the year. Again, you can use video to create those messages. Put your hat on, if you celebrate Christmas. If you celebrate something else, you can dress up festively, let’s call it. You can do one broad video message and post it right before Christmas, or you can do specific video messages and send them directly to people. Remember this time of year just to thank the people that have brought you joy, as well.

I know Christmas cards are huge, but Christmas videos are great, too. You know what the great thing about Christmas videos, versus marketing videos or sales videos, is they’re way more personal and lighthearted. You don’t have that same anxiety for the scripting and knowing exactly what to say, because thank you is really easy to say. Merry Christmas is really easy to say, and wishing people all the best for 2018. There you go. We certainly do, for everyone surrounding us, as well. Wish you all the best for ’18. It’s a super easy video message to do, and really shareable, and easy to send.

Scott: Excellent. We should probably wrap up?

Angela: Yeah.

Scott: All right.

Angela: Because we have some wrapping to do.

Scott: Yeah. We have a lot of work to do this week. We should probably get back at it. We definitely wanted to jump on. We thought it was a good idea. We talk about Facebook Live, how your videos don’t have to be evergreen. If there’s a holiday, or a season, or an event coming up that’s celebrated by everyone, or even specifically with your industry, or whatever, by all means, do a video about it, especially with a live video. With prerecorded videos, it’s a different strategy. We talk about that. Definitely do live videos, because it’s live. People will only watch that video, typically, at that time of year. Yeah, feel free to do a Christmas video, or a Valentine’s video, or whatever the holiday is.

We’re going to wrap it up. Again, we wish everyone happy holidays, merry Christmas. I’m not going to be here next Tuesday. I don’t know if Angie is, but I’m definitely not going to be here. It’s Boxing Day, and I have some plans with family and some hockey on Boxing Day. That’s where I’ll be. Where will you be?

Angela: I will probably be doing the same thing. I think we’re hosting Boxing Day dinner for about 20 people, so that’s …

Scott: Okay, so maybe I’ll be helping with that, too. Anyway …

Angela: Take care, everyone. Have a great holiday. All the best for 2018.