This One Mistake Can Make Your Status Go from PRO to NO When Filming Your Own Marketing Videos

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Hey, it’s Ange here and I’m gonna actually answer a question today that I get asked a lot. When you’re filming your smartphone videos, where should you be looking? And the answer is really simple. You should be looking right into the lens, which is that little dot on your smartphone. Not at yourself in the camera. Because A, it’s distracting, you would never go to a meeting and look at the mirror behind the person you’re meeting with. Not at the script you’ve put just to the left of your camera or just above your camera, because people will know that you’re not looking into their eyes, and they’ll know that you’re reading. So the very best place to look when you’re filming your videos, is into the lens of your camera. The other thing abut the lens of the camera is, where should it be? As far as how high should it be or how low should it be. My answer to that is, it should be just about right at your eyeline. When you put your camera too high, you’re putting your audience in a superior position, or a power position. And if you’re trying to show yourself as the expert in something, it may not resonate with that person. Alternatively, putting your camera too low, you’re now putting yourself in a position power. And I think, and it’s just my opinion, but I do believe the best place to be is on the same level as your clients. So always have your camera, it can be just above or just below your eyeline, but nothing too drastic that will change how the video will feel. So those are my tips today. Hey, what questions do you have about filming your videos with your smartphone? Ask them here and I will be sure to answer. Until next time, we’ll see you later.