Do you want to use video marketing to connect with your audience AND convert them into clients?

Stop spinning your wheels trying to create videos.

Video Power Up provides video content creation for entrepreneurs, coaches and trainers who want to connect with more people outside of their current circle.

After participating in our one-on-one program, you will have a series of videos that will attract your ideal audience and compel more of them to work with you.

When you join the Video Content Creation Program, you'll dive right in to creating a specific series of videos that will:

Welcome new viewers

Allow them to see who you are and how your beliefs can support them

Nuture building that relationship

Engage and bring value

Share your expertise and stories on a level your audience will relate to

Compell them to get on your list

Share your offer

How does it work?

Step One: Each month we will work through a strategy and messaging during our brainstorm sessions following my unique series of videos.

Step Two: We then book a 30-minute session to film via Zoom video conferencing. I will interview you asking questions based on notes I made in our brainstorm session.  This is all done from the comfort and convenience of your own space.

Step Three: After the filming is complete, I take the video and edit it into a shot 1 to 3 minute video that you can use for social media.

BONUS #1: All videos come transcribed so you can easily convert each video into a blog.

BONUS #2: Since most videos are watched without sound, you will also receive an "SRT" file, a file you upload to the social media platforms so each video has perfect captions.

Together, we will build your audience and grow your business.