We need to change!


Angela and Scott were live on the Video Power Up Facebook Page, where they shared their perspective.

Angela: Hey, we didn’t decide who was starting.

Scott: You’re starting.

Angela: I’m starting. Hey, everyone. It’s Angela and Scott here from Video Power Up on this Tuesday morning. We’re a few minutes late for our live segment today, but it’s going to be super short even though we teach people to do it for more than 10 minutes because we have a couple of announcements, and then we’re going to see you at another time.

Scott: That’s right.

Angela: So you may have noticed we weren’t live last week, and Scott and I were toying with changing the date, and things just kind of got out of hand and we didn’t go live. And we didn’t tell you guys, so first, I want to apologize for that, and I want to be really clear. My distraction last week was this ball of fur, so she’s our new rescue and our new mascot. This is Chloe. Say hi, Chloe. Hi, everyone.

I was super distracted. We rescued her last week. We got her from a rescue, and she’s been amazing but very distracting, I have to admit. So last week with family day and with Chloe, things just got out of hand. And again, I want to apologize for not coming live last week and not letting you guys know. I got the finger wag from my sister, so I wanted to apologize to everyone. You’re like, “Really, Ange? You’re going to …” You’re thrown off a bit?

Scott: Hey, no. I just found out I was doing this a few minutes ago, so yeah. So we’re talking about changing our Live, and one thing we talk about with video is testing and measuring and looking at your analytics and deciding how well is it doing. And we do get pretty good attendance if we actually promote our Facebook Lives from when we’re doing it on Tuesday at 10:00AM. Eight is a good number for us, and then, because our replays, actually, are much more than that.

So it was kind of working for us, but there’s a lot of things that are changing. We’re going to more of a marketing phase next quarter with our business, and Ange’s going to be doing a lot more networking and a lot of networking events, especially through [Mompenuers 00:02:07], is on Tuesday mornings at varied places. It really conflicted with doing Facebook Lives, and I mean I could do all the Facebook Lives, but we both like really doing it together and then alternating back and forth. We’re going to start doing some interviews as well. So we were thinking about it, when’s the best time to. So we were going to try Wednesdays at 10:00AM.

Angela: Yeah.

Scott: So our new time is going to be Wednesdays at 10:00AM. The other reason is that we’re getting back into our teaching phase, so we are going to be doing a lot of seminars and workshops for the rest of the year, actually. You can see the dates on our website, it’s going to get really busy. You’ll see a lot more dates on there, including our free seminar that we put on. Those are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so Tuesdays was always going to be a very busy day when we might be in London one Tuesday, then Hamilton the next Tuesday. So where with Wednesdays we’ll be more in the office, that’s when we work with our clients, our Video Power Up members, doing our live video calls with them in the afternoon. It only made sense to try it Wednesday morning as good time to be doing our Facebook Lives.

We’re going to give it a try. We’re kind of saying we wrapped up our first season of live videos, and I’m just saying that we’ve taken a slight hiatus, and I recommend everyone else to do that as well. Once you’ve done 12 videos, whether the live videos or pre-recorded videos, take a break, look at your analytics, see what’s working, see what’s not working, and maybe adjust your plan slightly and go from there.

Like if you’re doing, I think we’ve got a lot of members right now that are unique in the sense that they don’t market to small business owners, but they market to people who work during the day. So they’re doing their Facebook Lives on weekends or in the evening. They need to test and measure their timing as well. I’m actually really curious from some of them, some of them chose to do Saturday mornings for their Facebook Lives, so I’m interested to see how that works for them, but they may have to change their time as well.

Angela: Yeah, that’s it. Just to further talk about what Scott was saying, I really believe a video is a really great way to get yourself out there and get yourself noticed. To expose yourself as the amazing expert that you are. People might wonder why am I choosing, because Scott mentioned Tuesday is my Mompenuers networking events, why would I choose a networking event over doing a video when video gives me so much exposure?

Well, one of the truths is Momprenuers, I love going to their networking events and they are not so much networking events, they’re opportunities, they are learning opportunities. I learn so much there, but my audience is there. There’s thousands, if not tens of thousands of them, and if I’m doing my Live when I know they’re all busy doing something else, I’m losing that opportunity as well of sharing my Lives with them, because I know they are in their meetings. Not to mention I really want to be there with my peeps, with my girls at Momprenuers, which is really important to me. So for me it is a balance. Tuesdays are out, Wednesdays at 10:00AM are in.

If you have questions about video marketing that we can help you with and it’s question that requires a longer answer, doing a Live for you is a great opportunity. So make sure you ask that question here, if you have any questions or concerns, or you’re not sure how to do something, or why to do something, or someone’s telling to do something, someone else is telling you do something else, and you want our perspective on it. Post that here and we will answer it in our next Live.

Scott: All right.

Angela: So that’s it. It’s a wrap.

Scott: So we’ll see you tomorrow at 10:00.

Angela: Tomorrow at 10:00AM.

Scott: 10:00AM.

Angela: Okay.

Scott: All right.

Angela: Take care.

Scott: Have a great day.