We’re cancelling our weekly Facebook live shows… and for a good reason.


Scott was live on the Video Power Up Facebook Page, where he shared his perspective.

Okay, good morning everyone, and welcome to our, well my last, our last, weekly Facebook Live. I’m teaching people a little bit, so, Ange and I have been doing Facebook Live regularly since June 6, 2017. Now we’ve missed some broadcasts, here and there, but we’ve been really really consistent, since then, and we’ve had some videos that have done very very well, and some videos that didn’t do so well, and now, one of the things that we teach is that, oh God, losing control here, wow lots of people online, yeah Sara I’m gonna explain why we’re canceling it, and Anja there’s a shout-out to you later in the show, so hope you can stick around because you’re the one who planted the seed in my mind, and Amanda thanks for joining me.

So, consistency is key, this is one of the things that we’ve taught, especially with live videos, have the same time every week that you go live, and I think probably for some businesses that’s actually true, maybe not for all businesses. Now we’ve got one member, of ours, and he has a stock trading program, so every Friday afternoon after the bell closes after 4 o’clock, he goes live every Friday, to explain what happened in the market that week, so it makes sense and he needs to be consistent, and people are looking for those broadcasts, so we’ve been teaching consistency is key, but the other thing we teach which is really really important is, you can’t ignore your insights, or your analytics. So you need to look at your videos and see how they’re performing, if they’re not performing well or they’re not getting you the results that you’re looking for, you need to change something, so, Anja sent me a video to watch, I guess it was probably about a week ago or two weeks ago, which started me thinking a lot about this, so I actually jumped into my insights and my analytics, so I’m gonna do a screen share real quick here, and I’m gonna show you some of the insights of some of our videos over the past year. And then, what led me to make this decision to cancel this weekly live show. Hey Yasemin, thanks for tuning in.

Hi Ange, thanks for tuning in, yeah doing this all on my own today, okay so I’m gonna share my screen here, share my desktop. Okay, oh and I did that three times, okay now add my screen to the broadcast here. Right, so I just realized that I had no sound, can you guys hear me now? Let me know when you guys get audio back, I’ve been noticing this, okay so there’s audio back now. That’s too bad, anyway I hope you guys saw some of those stats there, okay do you guys want me to show you that again, so you can actually hear me when I’m doing it? I guess it’s really not that important, let me just turn this off, I’m gonna take this shared screen out.

I know you couldn’t hear me when I was showing those stats, but what I was showing you is, you really need to look at your insights and see how your videos have been performing, so you can do more of what’s working and less of what’s not working. We’ve had some success in the past with some videos, with up to 200 people watching our videos from beginning to end, those are really good statistics, the average is usually around 20 or 30 people watching a video from beginning to end, which isn’t bad. So what I’m saying is you can’t ignore the insights. When you look at your video and you look at the analytics and the insights you really need to look at those numbers and make sure they’re working for you.

So, what can I learn from the last few videos, or the videos we’ve been doing for the last two or three months, is that clearly our target audience isn’t getting value from our videos anymore, is it because we’re running out of ideas, is it because every week we’re doing it, and we’re struggling to find new ideas, so we kind of are repeating ourselves, it doesn’t really matter what the reason is, what’s really important is that people aren’t finding value in our Facebook Live videos like they were before. Now this is where, Anja had shared this video with me, so Anja Gangur from Fido and Feline Holidays and Daycare, she shared a video with me by Stephanie Liu, and she’s a Facebook Live expert, that’s all she seems to focus on is Facebook Live, and in her video there was a couple things that struck me in her video when she talked about Facebook Live. She said a bunch of really really valuable information, but what really struck me as really important, as a good takeaway was, with your Facebook Live’s, creating more of an event, where instead of it just being, every week, some people go live five times a week, some people maybe just twice a week, us we were doing once a week, but you might get a lot more, engagement and value out of doing less Facebook Live videos but making them more of an event, letting people know in advance, but giving more value, how can you give more value, it’s hard to give 22 minutes of value, every week, but if you spread that out a bit, you’ll be able to give more value, more often.

The other huge tip that she gave was, creating a page event, so on your Facebook page if you create an event, and then inside the event is where you then post, or you would then go live, inside the event with the link to BeLive or however it is that you go live, and when you create that page event, you can then promote the event in advance, so you can actually create an ad and serve the event, to people that like your page, people that’ve visited your website, anything about Facebook ads, you can really then really target those people, and make sure they know that that event’s coming up.

Let ’em know a week in advance, send out a reminder 10 minutes before you go live, you can’t do that with the way Facebook Live is set up right now, so I thought that was a brilliant idea, and so she only goes live twice a month, but she makes a real event of it, she creates an event in a page, quite often she’ll do interviews and then she’ll promote those interviews and get her guest to promote those interviews, and makes a big deal of it, she’ll send it to her entire E-mail list as well, if you’re only doing that once or twice a month, as opposed to every week, some of our members who are online here today, you’ll notice I sent out an E-mail five minutes ago, and if I’m only doing that once or twice a month, let you know that I’m going live with a special guest or I’m gonna give tons of free value, that seems to be more acceptable.

So, our change is yeah, we’re gonna cancel the weekly live show, we’re not gonna go live every Wednesday at 10:00 am, but what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go live approximately twice a month, and we’re gonna create a page, an event, sorry, we’re gonna create an event on our Facebook page, and we’ll be promoting those Facebook Live’s through that, and we’re gonna really work on providing you guys with more value, I’ve got some ideas of interviews that I wanna do also some walk-throughs, I wanna show people how to do certain things, as well, but definitely finding a way to deliver more value in those videos.

What else we got here? Yeah, so what are we at here, we’re only at 11 minutes, that’s good. So the other thing about creating a Facebook event for your Facebook Live videos, when you are doing an ad you can target people, you can be really really, all of you that are watching this Facebook Live video right now, whether you give it a thumbs up or you comment below, I can create an ad for my next Facebook Live, to promote that Facebook page event, and deliver that ad to people who watched this video, so we’ve got four people online right now, Tessa’s online now too, hey Tessa, so all of you people who are watching this video, Tessa, Amanda, Yasemin, all you guys, any of you guys who watched at least three seconds of this video, you’re gonna get an ad, you’re gonna get, I’m gonna promote my next event and you will see that, it will be on your page and I’m going to, I don’t know, you guys tell me, do you guys wanna know how to do that? Some of you might know how to do that, but it’s a really really powerful thing, so maybe that’s what my first Facebook Live video will be on is I will do a screen share, like a walk-through, and show you exactly how to target people who watched at least three seconds of the video, target them with a specific, promotion or a boosted post.

So, that’s it, we’re canceling our show, this is the last show, like I said, kind of, but we’re really gonna change up the format a lot, I know some people signed in a little late here, but yeah we’re canceling our weekly show, but we’re gonna replace it with something even better. What are we replacing it with, well we’re gonna go live twice a month, but we’re gonna create more of an event around it, and do some promotion and use some Facebook tricks like creating an event page so we can actually boost and advertise and promote those shows.

So that’s all I had, usually I like having Ange here or an interview, ’cause I can really bounce off people, but that’s all I really wanted to share with you guys today, so I’m here, if you’ve got any questions, at all, about going Facebook Live or why we’re changing our strategy and like everything that we teach, I think it’s really important to keep in mind that it doesn’t matter what I tell you, you really need to focus on your target audience, what works for them, like I mentioned earlier, John Bannon and his target audience being, people who are interested in stock trading, having that video every Friday after the bell is really important people are gonna go looking for that, so he has to go live, but for me, entrepreneurs, I know all you guys are extremely busy, running your regular lives, your personal lives, but also your businesses as well, so it’s hard to make a Facebook Live call, that we’re gonna do every week, and you’re gonna miss some, but if I can only do a few or two a month, and just add more value, you’re more likely to log on to watch that call. What do we got here? Yes, Yasemin misses Ange too, you don’t like it when I do them on my own?

I think I do okay, I get a little nervous at the beginning, but then once I get going I’m okay. Yeah Tessa, it’s really really cool stuff, I mean I know you know a bit about Facebook ads, but how you can target people, even with a lot of the changes, the privacy changes that are happening, it doesn’t affect the type of marketing that we’re talking about, people who have intentionally gone to your page, commented, posted, watched a video, Facebook will always let you target those people with a promotional ad or a boost or whatever, and if you’ve got the Facebook pixel on your website, people who visit your website, you can then serve those ads to those people, so maybe I will do my first video on that. Yeah, Anja, for sure, I mean it’s a constant learning process for me, and I need to always remind myself of that, because we always learn more, and sometimes we need to change and be flexible, and course-correct and thank you for bringing that to my attention, because I think I would’ve just kept marching along and oh I’ve committed, I’m going to do these Facebook Live videos every week, but it was you who brought it to my attention, so thank you for that, but it really started the ball rolling and thinking, and this might be wrong as well, I don’t know, but you know what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna test it, and measure it and see if I get more results, from using this approach.

Yeah, Ange and I together, on camera, is always entertaining especially when there’s disagreements, so and I think Ange and I are still gonna do, Ange and I will still do videos together. What I can see really happening is Ange and I doing a video together, I can see a lot of interviews, and finding experts, social media experts, one I have in mind is, an image consultant, things that kind of match and work really really well with video marketing, or online marketing in general, and then the other would be walk-throughs. It’s not something I’ve done yet, but showing people how to re-target people who watch their videos, and serve a specific ad to them, walk-throughs like that I think will create a lot of value for people and they’ll wanna watch those videos.

Okay, so that’s all the comments that I see online here, hope I didn’t miss any, I’m just gonna scroll through them real quick, yeah sorry about the audio dropping out today, I think what happens is when you share the screen, and then I turn off my camera, it also turns off the microphone, so I need to experiment with that because if I’m gonna do some screen sharing and some training online for you guys, it would be live, you obviously need to hear me so you can see what I’m actually doing. Anyway, I’m gonna wrap it up, thank you all so much for tuning in, and you’ll get a notification when we’re gonna go live again and we’re gonna boost that and you’re gonna see that right on your Facebook page and maybe, my video will be to show you how you can also do that. Alright, have a great Wednesday, and we’ll see you on the next live. Okay bye Anja, we’ll see you next time.