We’re visual which is why video is the top marketing tool for social media, so why are you resisting?

[su_spacer]I’ve had conversations with clients and they have a whole bunch of reasons they’re not doing video. Maybe they’re waiting to get a certificate. They’re waiting to get their hair done. They’re waiting to lose five pounds or gain 10 pounds. And, during these conversations what really comes up is fear.

Fear of being judged on how they look, being judged on what they’re saying, fear that the video wasn’t gonna get them the attention they’re looking for. So instead of getting through all that fear, they just don’t do video. So what if we could just get past the fear? Have you ever seen someone maybe in your industry or another industry, and they’ve been doing video for a while, they’re popping up in your feed all the time, and they’re like, they’re fantastic?

And then you start comparing yourself to them. And I think it’s really important to know is that you are amazing and fantastic and the information you have really needs to be shared. And that person that you’re comparing yourself to, they started somewhere too and it was definitely hard for them to do their first video.

Their first video doesn’t look like the video’s they’re doing now. You know, Jack Canfield said, “everything you want is on the other side of fear”. So if fear is what’s preventing you from doing video, you need to work on this one step to get the courage to do the video.