What you wear on camera could send a mixed message. Here’s how to avoid that.

[su_spacer]How important is it how you look on camera when it comes to hair, wardrobe and, for us women, makeup? Well the answer is it really depends. It depends on what you do for a living and how you wanna present yourself, and it also depends on how your target audience is going to perceive you.

So let’s look at those three things. If you’re a yoga instructor, it’s absolutely fine to be makeup-free with your hair in a ponytail in yoga clothes. Now, if you’re a successful business coach teaching people how to make six or seven figures, that’s not gonna be appropriate way to look.

So what I say is always think about if you’re going to a networking event, how are you gonna look and present yourself? And that’s the same way you’re gonna do it on camera. Now, the exception is trades. If you’re a trades person, you can actually be in your trades outfit for the camera, and people will really appreciate and connect that with what you do.