Why bother doing prerecorded marketing videos, when you can just go LIVE?

There is a very good reason. In the video you’ll learn what the #1 reason is and how you can apply this to your video marketing to quadruple your exposure and get new leads.


Scott: Okay, good morning. It is 10:20. This is take two. It’s actually take three for us this morning. If anyone’s joining in right now and can hear us, give us a thumbs up because we just did a full Facebook Live with no audio because I didn’t do an audio test. What I want to talk about is we have this checklist that Ang put together when we go Facebook Live and we go through the checklist. Last week we didn’t go through the checklist. What I didn’t do is put my phone on wifi, my phone was on data so the data connection wasn’t very fast so the picture quality and the audio quality wasn’t that great because I didn’t go through that checklist.

Today, I went through the checklist and I made sure I did everything on the checklist and everything was done and then we did our Facebook Live video and then we just found out from Sandra, thank you Sandra for letting us know that there was no audio because I didn’t turn … We use an external microphone to make sure we have better audio and I didn’t turn the microphone on. We need to be adding that to the checklist. Some external microphones have an on switch. Some plug right in to the mini jack on the phone but others have an actual on switch because they have to have what they call phantom power.

They need to carry power to the microphone. Mine has an on switch and it wasn’t turned on. Here we are, we’re going to do the Facebook Live again and we’ll try and compress time because I know people probably have busy days today with it being back to school.

Angela: If you can hear us, definitely give us a thumbs up, put a comment say, “I hear you,” just so we know that everything is working this time. If you have any questions while we’re filming then please post in the comments and we will answer anything live.

Scott: What we’re talking about today is Facebook Live versus pre-recorded videos, we’re talking about marketing videos so what’s the difference between Facebook Live versus pre-recorded, which one is better, what’s the difference. For me, they are very different strategies. They should not be looked as the same thing. I think there’s no choice in the sense of I’m going to do marketing videos, now I just need to decide, am I going to do pre-recorded or am I going to do live because they are very, very different strategies and they exist at very different points in your client’s or your customer’s sales journey.

I think the biggest fundamental difference is length of time. A good pre-recorded marketing video is around two minutes in length or less than two minutes in length. Some can be a little bit longer but that length is really important. Whereas a Facebook Live video is typically 10 to 20 minutes and there’s a good reason for that because people only get notifications over a certain amount of time. We’ve seen from our analytics and other people’s analytics that it usually takes anywhere from two to four minutes, sometimes eight minutes before enough people start tuning in to watch the Facebook Live videos.

Angela: The other thing about the length as well and I don’t know if we’re going to get into that more later but the length of your Facebook Live because it’s typically longer, people who already either know you or like you or trust you and sometimes all three will invest in your Facebook Live especially if they’ve been there before and they know that your content has value to them. Where your shorter videos can target people who don’t know you at all because they’re going to invest 30, 60, 90 or 120 seconds into hearing what you have to say, at least for the first few seconds. The way like you said, the way they travel through your sales journey is very different. Also, with live, you’re live. Your uhms, your ahs, your mistakes, your forgetting to do things, it happens when you’re live.

Scott: Turn on the microphone.

Angela: Turn on microphone. Where your pre-recorded videos can be a little more polished. Of course, we’re talking about your pre-recorded videos that you’re using your smartphone to do. They can be polished. They can be rehearsed, scripted and we actually have a scripting outline that we use for our pre-recorded videos so that you can get your message out really quickly, really concisely, add value to someone else’s life or to someone else’s business and then do your call to action and leave. It’s very, very structured where live is very go with the flow.

Scott: Your pre-recorded videos, the shorter videos, they are more formal in a sense. I hate the word formal but they are more formal whereas a Facebook Live is much more informal. Facebook Live like Ang said, anything go wrong, kids walking in, pets walking in, you’re dealing with technical issues, all that stuff can happen and it’s okay. It’s okay with the uhms and the ahs because it’s live, that’s totally fine. Whereas the pre-recorded videos they do need to be a little bit more polished and structured in a sense that you can even go as far as if you want to add a logo at the end, maybe you want to put some production music at the beginning. You even want to get into split edits, edit little things that you want to do to increase the quality of those. You get multiple takes, I mean, that’s another huge advantage.

Angela: Yeah, huge.

Scott: If you’re like, okay I’ve got-

Angela: No one knows your mistakes.

Scott: Yeah, no, they don’t. You got two minutes and you know the information you want to deliver, you get a couple cracks out to make sure that it’s very clearly being communicated, the value that you’re giving, whatever problem you’re solving for your people in that two minute video you can take several cracks at it because yeah, you’ve only got about two minutes and then they’re scrolling down that feed and they are looking at something else.

Angela: I think the other difference that’s really important and you touched on it but, is who is watching your live video. Mary Joe says, first of all, hi Mary Joe, “How many takes did you guys do for me?” I don’t feel like we did that many. In your live video, you’re really engaging with people who already know you and so when you are looking at possibly boosting a post or advertising that you’re going live, you’re advertising to people who already know you or like you or trust you. You’ve been recommended to watch.

Where your pre-recorded videos need to be targeted differently and that is actually how and this is why I think people should be doing pre-recorded videos, it’s actually how you get new leads into your sale, into the sales journey and how you grow your Facebook page or your social media followers so that you have more people watching your lives later. That’s the number one thing I hear from people is, “I don’t really have a lot of followers watching my live.” To get followers watching your live, to get them to invest in that time, they need to get to know you first, they need an introduction to you. You can do that by targeting ads using your short videos to people who don’t know you.

Scott: Yeah, absolutely. For me, there’s two stages and for me this is the easy way to visualize it. We should help you understand the fundamental difference between live and pre-recorded videos. You have stage one and stage two. It’s the top of the sales journey or your sales funnel, whatever you want to call it. You got stage one and stage two. Stage one, who you want to get into stage one is the people that don’t know, like, and trust you. These are people who don’t really know you, they might have heard your name but they don’t know you, they don’t know if they like you and they definitely don’t trust you at this point.

How do you get people into that stage one? That’s with the pre-recorded two minute videos, it’s low investment of time. They see your video comes up, there’s a good headline that says, “I’m going to solve this problem for you in two minutes. Watch my video.” Then they watch the video because that’s a pain point of theirs. It’s only two minutes, they can start watching it and then they are like, “You know what? I like this person. That was very valuable content.” They might watch two or three of those short two minute videos in stage one. Now they are in stage one. Now they know you, they’re probably going to start to trust you because you’re an expert and you’re sharing that information.

Now you want to move into stage two. Stage two is they now know you, most likely or hopefully they like you and they are starting to trust you. This is where you start to promote your live videos to them because now they’re more willing to invest 10 minutes or 20 minutes of their time. For me, that’s the biggest takeaway I think for everyone today is what’s the difference between live and pre-recorded is they exist between stage one and stage two. Stage one, new clients, new people, getting new people in your funnel. Whereas stage two is building on that relationship, building up your expert authority, building on that trust with those people.

To me, that’s the biggest difference. We heard people say, “I’m just trying to decide whether I should do live or pre-recorded,” there should be no or. They exist in very different areas in a very, very different purpose. For me, that’s the biggest takeaway if anyone takes anything away from today.

Angela: Absolutely and I agree. People ask and I said it before, people ask, “How do I get more viewers on my live?” You just need to get more people in your funnel, how do you get more people in your funnel? You give them value-based content in your pre-recorded videos and they need to be short. We say two minutes, it can be three but if you can say what you need to say and get it all out in 30 to 60 seconds, that’s fine too. They don’t have to be two minutes or two minutes ten seconds. As long as you can get your value-based information out so people get to know you.

Scott: The two minutes it’s based on some real research. This isn’t just a number we arbitrarily came up with. It’s less than two minutes. Those videos, those marketing videos for new prospects, it’s been proven. Less than two minutes. What happens is if your video goes on too long and people don’t like, know, and trust you, they are watching to say like two minutes and ten seconds and they, “I got something else to do. I got to be somewhere. I’m not really that invested in this,” and they leave before you get a chance to have some call to action to engage with them or to have them take some sort of action.

You’re going to miss out in that ending and that’s why your videos need to be less than two minutes so that you can get that call to action out before they take off. All this information if you’re doing videos is available to you in you insights. If you go into your for instance, for Facebook and Twitter and YouTube if you go into your insights, you can see how long people are watching your videos.

Angela: If you have a business page.

Scott: If you have a business page, how long people are watching your videos before they take off to go do something else. If people keep taking off before the end of your video and your videos are running four minutes, you might want to tighten up the length of those videos. Again, it’s a rule and I’ve always said this to Angela, rules are meant to be broken but you got to know the rule first and then if there’s a good reason to break the rule, by all means, break the rule.

Angela: What about those people who say, “Why don’t I just do three minute or two minute live videos and then post them after?” I know people have asked this about that before.

Scott: Yeah, I mean, you know what the answer to that is the whole purpose of a live video is to get engagement.

Angela: It’s a two-way communication.

Scott: That’s what live videos are about. Yeah, it’s two-way communication. Even if you’re not getting a lot of people watching your live videos, you’re not getting a lot of engagement in your live videos like today, we only got I think three viewers on right now, Mary Joe chimed in. It’s the replays as well. The replays of live videos get three times more engagement because people feel they were still part of the live experience even though they weren’t. To answer your question is if your live videos are only two or three minutes, you’re going to miss out on the whole engagement part of it like you really might as well just do a pre-recorded video and keep the content really tight and really, really valuable.

Angela: Right, because I see a lot of people doing that. One of the reasons I think two or three minute live videos don’t get live engagement is because by the time people know you’re live and they come on, you’ve signed off. It’s not actually live, now you’re posting something that maybe because it’s longer than two minutes, people aren’t going, they are going to engage with but not to the same level as if you just did a pre-recorded videos that was a well-planned out, well-thought-out in advance, filmed your message and posted it and boosted it. With lives, it needs to be very interactive or as interactive as your audience will allow for. I know we’ve got a few people on today and I want to know, do you do pre-recorded? Do you do live? Do you do both? Because I’m seeing more live and less pre-recorded and there’s still a real reason to do pre-recorded.

Scott: Yeah, absolutely. I think doing pre-recorded is going to give you an advantage. Facebook Live is so popular right now, it’s so easy to do, you go into your post, you hit live, you go live, you do your two minute videos and you’re done. It’s easy but easy is probably not the best solution. I think that if you’re in a competitive field and you want to get an advantage over other people with your video marketing, a pre-recorded video less than two minutes, properly boosted, following a certain structure, you’ll get way more value out of that video. Mary Joe says, “I have to do pre-recorded for the time being.” Yeah, some people need to because of technological reason. I’m assuming that’s it.

Angela: Mary Joe, you know our answer, get a new phone. I know you don’t want to hear it.

Scott: Make the investment, there’s a new iPhone being out in six days, five days, seven days.

Angela: Isn’t there a new Samsung too coming out soon?

Scott: They just released one.

Angela: Did they?

Scott: They do it opposite times in the year so what is it, the S8 just came out.

Angela: Interesting.

Scott: Katie is on, hey Katie. “I’m trying to find the balance between the two.” Absolutely, Katie and I think that’s the way to go. That’s what Angela and I are doing. We’re trying to have a balance. What we’re doing, one live each week and then one pre-recorded. We’re starting our season two on Thursday.

Angela: I actually just pre-recorded three, it’s called block shooting. When you do your pre-recorded videos, again, you want to have consistency so you don’t just want to do like one and then six months later do one and then six months later do one. What I did yesterday is I brought three outfits and changed my hair and I filmed a bunch of pre-recorded videos all at the same time in a couple of hours.

Scott: Yeah, and I’m going to do three pre-recorded videos tomorrow so that gives us six pre-recorded videos and then what I’m going to do, we’re not going to talk about this today but then what I’m going to do with those six pre-recorded videos is I’m going to pre-schedule them. I’m going to go into Facebook, I’m going to upload them and pick Thursday. I’m going to upload this Thursday at midnight, Wednesday at midnight so they play Thursday every week. Now, we’ve done all the shooting. It’s now automated.

We have six weeks of programming that we don’t need to touch it, all we’re going to do is pay attention to the engagement. Block shooting, what we’re calling block shooting I think is the way to go. Even if you can do three at a time, that way you don’t have to do it every week but for some people they want to do it every week. Maybe you can only cargo half an hour each week to do those videos but we’re going to be talking more about block shooting and scheduling and how to pre-schedule your post on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and LinkedIn, using buffer and all that kinds of fun stuff.

Yeah, Katie, absolutely. So much easier to block record. Absolutely, especially when you know in advance what your content is. Yeah, block shoot it. You don’t have to come back for 12 weeks, that would be very nice. That’s what we’re going to do. Anyway, I want to wrap this up today. Thanks everyone for checking in. You need to get to Mompreneur’s meeting.

Angela: I do. I’m heading out to my Mompreneur’s meeting. I’m so excited to see Tess and all the girls.

Scott: It’s 10:34 so she needs to get going.

Angela: I don’t know if you’re going Mary Joe or Katie. Maybe I’ll see you there. Before we go, I want to make sure we mention that we do these two hour free seminars, smartphone video marketing seminars and we do them in Cambridge, Guelph, and Kitchener which we did, I’m going to call it last season because it was the summer, now it’s fall.

Scott: Yes, it is.

Angela: This season I’ve also added Durham which is kind of [whippy 00:16:18] area and …

Scott: Hamilton.

Angela: Mississauga.

Scott: We have Hamilton?

Angela: Yeah, we’re going to do Hamilton too, that one’s just not planned yet but we’ve actually got them planned. If you need help with your video marketing, these free seminars are great way to get some help to get started if you don’t know how to get started with your smartphone. Videopowerup.com is where you can see those dates.

Scott: Yeah, just click on live events and you can grab tickets to that free event.

Angela: Yeah, happy first day of school for everyone. We will see you next week. Will we see them next week?

Scott: No, we won’t see them next week. We may see them next week so we have a smartphone video marketing free seminar next Tuesday in Guelph at 10 C or 10 Carden. We scheduled it for 10 AM which conflicts with our live so we might try and go live before that event, that’s what Ang wants to do.

Angela: At that event.

Scott: I find that a little stressful. It’s stressful just doing live in a very controlled environment like this so we may be live next week or we may not. Then the following week I’m on the west coast trail. I’m leaving Angela alone so I don’t know if Angela is going to do it solo or she’s going to have a guest. If you want to be a guest speaker with Angela, maybe shoot her a message.

Angela: You have to find out, stick around. Yeah, you want to be a guest speaker? Come on down to the office here and we can do it together. We look forward to seeing you guys around next week when we are going to be doing it at 10 C. We’ll see. Anyways, take care guys. Have a great day and for all you have sent your kiddies off to school for the first day, congratulations. It’s a big step and have fun.

Scott: All right, have a great day. Okay.