Why don’t people create consistent video content? I know why and have a solution!

I’ve got a concept I want to share with you, and it really is important because the number one thing we hear from people is they just don’t have time every week to set up their studio, and get their wardrobe and style ready and then shoot.

So, this will really help that.

Once you have four scripts outlined, be prepared to film them all at once. We call this block shooting and it’s goning to save you a ton of time. So the things I recommend to do when block shooting is change outfits between each video.

You could change your hair, if you’re a woman change your makeup slightly between each video and it’s gonna save you so much time, because you only need to set up your studio once. And the other great thing is once you’re on a roll filming, the first video might take a while, the second video is going to take less time, but by the third and fourth video, your confidence is going to be up, your energy’s going to be up, you’re going to be so excited and those four videos are going to happen so quickly for you.

When you’re done block shooting, you can also sit down and schedule all four of your videos out through the various social media platforms all in one go using their scheduler. So it’s an awesome time saver.

If you still have obstacles that are preventing you from doing video marketing, comment below. Let me know what your obstacle is and we’ll work through it together.