You don’t always need an expensive microphone for your smartphone videos. Watch this video to hear what you do need to do to get clear sound.

You don’t need an expensive microphone to film your videos using your smartphone because the technology built into it is so advanced, the audio’s gonna be great as long as you follow these few tips with capturing audio using your smartphone.

So the first thing is you don’t want to be much farther than three or four feet max away from your phone. If you do get much further, it’s gonna start sounding, what we call, tinny.

The second thing is avoid other background noises, so that is, kids, dogs, if you can control them or film when they’re not around. Turn off your notifications on your cell phone. Turn off your notifications on all the computers in your house.

So just by following those few simple rules, the sound you’re gonna get from your videos from your smartphone is going to be very professional.

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