You don’t always need an expensive microphone for your smartphone videos. Watch this video to hear what you do need to do to get clear sound.


You don’t need an expensive microphone to film your videos.

I am a big proponant for using your smartphone to film your marketing videos for social media.  The technology built into that phone is advanced enough that the audio is going to be great. As long as you follow these few tips) when capturing audio using your smartphone.

You don’t want to be much farther than three or four feet away from your phone.

If you do get much further, it’s going to start sounding, what we call, tinny or with a slight echo.

Try and avoid other background noises, mainly, people, kids and pets.   If you can control their volume or film when they’re not around, that would be best. Don’t forget to turn off your ringer and notifications on your home phone, cell phone AND all the computers in the space where you’re filming.

So just by following those few simple rules, the sound you’re going to get from your videos from your smartphone is going to be greatl.

So what IF you need something like a microphone because you’re just not able to get good sound from your existing phone?  Here are 3 different micrphones I recommend (please note iphones may need an adapter for the mini jack)

  1. Saramonic Smartphone Shotgun Mic 


  2. Power Dewise (Extra Long) Lavalier Mic


  3. Movo Wireless

    (great for people who need more than 10′ (less than 40′) of distance and don’t want to deal with wires!)



If you still have obstacles that are preventing you from doing video marketing, comment below. Let me know what your obstacle is, and we’ll work through it together.

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